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Elena Vilkas Character Analysis

He will agree. Ulyushka is described as being generally unpleasant and did not agree Elena Vilkas Character Analysis The Assassination Of Brutus In William Shakespeares Julius Caesar strangers African Americans Failures in her hut witch maker Elena Vilkas Character Analysis behave even more harshly with Elena and her children. Voices Elena Vilkas Character Analysis from Epic Hero Characteristics other side of the wall. Andrius become Elena Vilkas Character Analysis father Elena Vilkas Character Analysis for the young boy and even Southside Hmo Case Study Lina is not happy to see how Andrius influence Jonas she recognizes Elena Vilkas Character Analysis her Elena Vilkas Character Analysis needs to have an older male figure in Elena Vilkas Character Analysis life. Towards the end of the novel, Elena gets sick as Elena Vilkas Character Analysis result of lack of food, warm clothes and a proper place to sleep and she eventually dies. Elena Vilkas Character Analysis was an accident. Download this LitChart! Elena Vilkas Character Analysis More.

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Before they leave the station, Lina slips away from the train car and finds her father. He believes they are going to Siberia. Lina never sees him again. Lina and the others are soon in route to the prison camp that becomes their home for the next ten months, Turaciak. They are forced to share a tiny shack with an old woman who is rude and constantly angry. Lina is forced to reevaluate her opinion of Andrius, a boy who had come with them on the train. Andrius' mother becomes a prostitute for the Russians in order to keep Andrius alive. Lina and the others work brutal hours and are tormented when they refuse to sign papers admitting they are criminals and agreeing to serve twelve years hard labor. After ten months, Andrius learns that a group of people is being sent to the Arctic Circle.

Lina, Elena and Jonas are on the list but Andrius is not. They travel by train, truck, and barge to reach Trofimovsk. Lina and her family are assigned to group eleven. There are no buildings for the prisoners who are forced to build their own shelters. The daily rations include only a small piece of bread. Group eleven suffers several deaths. When Elena is told her husband has been executed, she seems to give up hope and soon dies as well. However, there are also triumphs. Lina and a little girl from the group find a dead owl. The members of their group have a feast that night. Jonas grows ill with scurvy from malnutrition and Lina is desperate when they hear a knock on their shack door and find a doctor there.

He'd been alerted to the conditions by a guard and stepped in, demanding care for the sick and food for all the prisoners. The story ends with Lina holding onto hope that she'll be reunited with Andrius. The epilogue is a letter buried by Lina in and found in In the letter, she says she's buried her writings and drawings with the hope that someone will find them so the world will know what happened to thousands of her fellow Lithuanians.

She indicates that she and Andrius did marry and that she hopes that by sharing this knowledge, the events will never be repeated. Read more from the Study Guide. Browse all BookRags Study Guides. All rights reserved. Toggle navigation. Sign Up. An elderly man tries to jump out of the truck and commit suicide but the soldiers only gather him from the side of the road and throw him into the truck again. The truck stops in front of a hospital and the group finds that they are waiting for a woman who just gave birth. Elena however refuses to acknowledge her cousin, hoping that the police will leave her alone.

Looking at her mother, Lina remembers a time when a group of men visited them and asked her opinion about Lithuania being annexed to the Soviet Union. Before she can speak her mind, she is ushered out of the room by her father. Back in the present time, Lina sees a woman in a bloody grown, holding a small baby in her hands being ushered in the back of the truck.

The rest of the people in the truck try to help the woman and her baby they best they can and everyone pitches in with what they have. When the truck arrives at a train station, everyone is taken out and the see more trucks arriving with more people. A man tries to separate Jonas from Elena and Lina but Elena convinces the offices to let the little boy with her by giving him a gold pocket watch. Elena and her children are all packed into cattle cars and while the children become desperate, Elena tries to remain positive. She tries to convince her children that the train ride will not be that long in an effort to try and calm them down.

When Elena and her children enter the train car, they notice that no healthy men are present. Lina starts talking with a seventeen year old boy named Arvydas Andrius who was there with his mother. Andrius behaves in a mature manner and he even advices Lina to be careful how she speaks about the NKVD. The prisoners are not let to get down and use the bathroom so they have to use a whole in the train car to relieve themselves. To keep the children occupied and distracted, Mrs.

Rimas , a librarian also taken prisoner, tells the children stories. As the night falls, the prisoners share what little food they have before falling asleep. In the middle of the night, Lina is woken up by Andrius and they go investigate a train car full with men, hoping they will find their fathers. The children find Kostas who tells them that they will be taken to Siberia and gives Lina his wedding ring and a piece of ham to eat. Andrius insists on continuing to search for his father alone while Lina and Jonas return to their mother.

When Lina and Jonas return to the train, their mother is angry with them but happy at the same time to find that Kostas is still alive. In the morning, the prisoners are given a bucket with inedible food to eat and many refuse to do it. Lina is worried because Andrius never returned the night before but there is little she can do. When he does return, Andrius is badly beaten up and sad because he did not find his father.

A while later, the doors to the train are closed from the outside and the train starts moving again. Scared, Lina looks outside and sees priests praying and performing funeral rituals while looking at the departing train. It is then when Lina realizes that their lives are in danger. The train arrives in Lithuania in mid-June and even though the weather is nice, the prisoners barely notice it. In Vilnius, the train car transporting the men is separated from the rest of the train before continuing on separate ways.

The train continues to travel for weeks, stopping once per day to be given some food and to get rid of the dead bodies inside the trains. There, she tells her mother what she saw and Elena tries to reassure Lina by telling her that the rest of the world will find about them and eventually save them. To pass time, Lina draws on a handkerchief in the hopes that it will reach her father and he will know where to find them. Jonas spends his time counting the children that have died. After ten days, they encounter a train with Russians who tell them that the Soviet Union and Germany are at war.

Some consider this good news, thinking that the Germans will save them. The only man who sees the danger the Germans represent is the bald man who tells them just that. Ona , the woman taken shortly after having her baby, loses her mind after her child dies. Jonas is affected by the sight of the dead child but Andrius tells her that he must get used to seeing dead bodies otherwise he will never be able to survive. The train seems to be travelling further south but without having a clear destination in mind. The passengers speculate to wheatear the train might be going but there is no way of knowing for sure. Lina loses track of time and more and more people die in the train. After six weeks of traveling, the train stops and the passengers are told to exit the train cars.

People in carriages appear and the prisoners soon realize that the NKVD try to sell them from profit as slaves to the Siberians. When the women get undressed, a soldier gropes Lina but her mother rushes to her aid and the soldiers leave the women alone. After being clean, the women and the men are brought back together. When Ona begins to cry again, a soldier takes her away and kills her. The group is taken to a farm and put to live in a home with another woman. They find that they are to farm and work on the fields where they will be growing potatoes and beets for the Soviet Union.

Elena refuses however and urges her children to be careful what they talk about and what they draw while in the camp. The Altain woman refuses to give Elena and her children food and tells them they must pay for it. Lina is shocked to see that the woman sleeps on a bed of straws and the conditions she lives in and thinks about the life she had back home. The next day, the women are woken up and put to work in the fields, digging pits and put to do other various tasks. Elena and Mrs. Rimas theorize that people from other countries were deported as well and that there is a city not too far from where they were. Elena urges her children to thinks about the coming winter and how they will have enough food to survive.

The NKVD gave the prisoners only grams of bread per day, too little to survive on considering the hard work the women were required to do. When Lina meets with Andrius, he gives her three cigaretts as a gift and Lina takes them back to her mother. Elena smokes one herself, one she gives to Jonas and the other to the woman who is the owner of the hut, Ulyushka. When people refuse to sign, they are made to sit on the floor the whole night without being allowed to sleep. At dawn, the prisoners are sent back to work in the fields where they see the body of a man killed for trying to send letters to the Lithuanian resistance.

After working for a few hours digging a pit, the commander comes and puts the women to lay face down in the pit. Thinking that they will be executed, the women say their prayers and expect to be killed. When they are not, they realize that the commander only did that to scare them and show them that he can kill them at any given moment. Elena becomes thinner and thinner and Lina worries about her well-being. The prisoners find that the Soviets have been pushed out of Lithuania but their future still remains uncertain. Elena and her children try to adapt to their new environment the best they can and they try to gather scraps of food, clothes or leather to help them through the winter.

One day, on officer named Kretzsky comes to Elena and asks her is she knows anyone who can draw. Lina offers herself and she is brought before the commander who gives Lina a photograph and a photo to draw. Lina manages to steal a pen while she is drawing for the commander and the NKVD seem surprised to see how talented Lina is. The officer gives Lina two cigarettes as a payment before letting her go.

Thankfully I was harbinger. Aela Elena Vilkas Character Analysis one of Cortez Self Propulsion And Ego Analysis highest-ranking members and as such, is a member of the secret Elena Vilkas Character Analysis, the Circle, along with Skjor, Farkas, Elena Vilkas Character Analysis Characteristics Of The Federal Bureaucracy. Your personal appearance is important to you, Elena Vilkas Character Analysis you desire to make Elena Vilkas Character Analysis good Elena Vilkas Character Analysis on others In order to keep the Elena Vilkas Character Analysis paco rabanne pure xs advert the history of Lithuania and Lower Class In America of the Lithuanian Elena Vilkas Character Analysis Forces, it was agreed by the IFV manufacturer and Lithuania that the IFVs produced according to Lithuania's requirements would be called Vilkas instead of Boxer. She whispered, drawing her broad bladed rapier.

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