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Film Analysis: Indiana Jones The Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Film Analysis: Indiana Jones The Raiders Of The Lost Ark Ralph Film Analysis: Indiana Jones The Raiders Of The Lost Ark Optical Effects The scenes are deep with Personal Narrative: I Am An Immigrant on the background and foreground, the frames and shots are filled on the right and left sides. Think about that, that's crazy. They achieve a balance between antagonistic while being still madly attracted to each Film Analysis: Indiana Jones The Raiders Of The Lost Ark that's Film Analysis: Indiana Jones The Raiders Of The Lost Ark to achieve. One of the original "popcorn summer blockbusters. More regularly than not, they leave a permanent scar — a mental one that is.

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark - CINEMATOGRAPHY

After the release of its sequels, it has also been retroactively called Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. In this case, they were searching for The Ark of the Covenant , which held the remains of the tablets of the Ten Commandments. After getting word of this, Dr. Indiana Jones Harrison Ford in his second iconic role is sent to recover it, due to him knowing some people that had clues to where the Ark is held. This leads him on a wild chase involving fighting bad guys in a burning bar, fighting bad guys on moving trucks, and killer sand ghosts, as well as an old girlfriend, Marion Karen Allen. And that's not even taking into account what he has to go through in the prologue, which involves the iconic boulder escape scene. The film itself was a massive hit, but due to the Troubled Productions of Star Wars , and Jaws , studios were reluctant to fund a film by both George Lucas and Steven Spielberg , despite those respective films also being massive hits.

Paramount eventually agreed to fund the film, although the series belongs to Lucasfilm and now to Disney. While the production faced some hiccups mainly the majority of the crew being ill in Tunisia , it wrapped ahead of time and on-budget something Spielberg felt was important. Lawrence Kasdan was brought in to write a screenplay based on ideas born during story meetings between Lucas, Spielberg and Kasdan. Alfred Molina made his film debut, appearing in the opening sequence as Indy's assistant.

Community Showcase More. We get the first scene of Indy disliking snakes. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Marion: Well, goddammit, Indy, where doesn't it hurt?! Belloq: Jones, do you realize what the Ark is? It's a transmitter. It's a radio for speaking to God, and it's within my reach. Indy: You wanna talk to God? Let's go see him together. I've got nothing better to do. Toht: [watching one of his men grapple with Indy] Shoot them.

Shoot them both. Belloq: Next time, Dr. Jones, it will take more than children to save you! Major Eaton: We have top men working on it right now. Indy: Who? The fire rises up through the clouds before the Ark pulls in the remains of the dead and seals itself shut. Having witnessed none of it, Indy and Marion realize that their ropes have been burned off, and embrace after having been spared from the wrath of God. In reality, the Ark of the Covenant is sealed in a wooden crate and stored in a giant government warehouse filled with countless other similar crates. Our Appreciation for the U. Fish and Wildlife Service 's Cooporation. The persons and events in this film are ficitious. Any similarity to actual persons or events is unintentional.

This motion picture is protected under the laws of the United States and other countries. Unauthorized duplication, distribution or exhibition may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution. In the early s, during what was supposed to be research for his space-fantasy story, The Star Wars , a distracted George Lucas began noting ideas for an archaeologist who was actually a grave robber that sought out supernatual artifacts. Like Star Wars , Indiana Smith —as it was then known—was inspired by the s and '40s matinee serials that Lucas had enjoyed in his youth. Where the space-fantasy was influenced by Flash Gordon , Indiana Smith had its basis in the likes of Don Winslow of the Navy , the globetrotting serviceman who took the fight to the Nazis , and Tim Tyler's Luck whose protagonist "was always looking for the lost graveyard of the elephants or the golden eye of some idol" according to Lucas.

He felt that making the latter comparatively more realistic had appeal. However, the main visual that struck the filmmaker was the image of Zorro leaping mid-chase from horseback onto a moving truck during Zorro Rides Again Looking for people to develop the project, Lucas approached his friend, writer-director Philip Kaufman. In fleshing out the concept, Kaufman told Lucas about the Ark of the Covenant , influenced by an old dentist of his who was obsessed with the lost relic's legendary powers. The two filmmakers' work together also resulted in the film gaining its title: Raiders of the Lost Ark , the idea being that Indiana Smith's adventures would be a series of pictures with each installment prefixed with the Raiders of title.

However, Kaufman was struggling financially so when he was offered the chance to write the screenplay for Clint Eastwood vehicle The Outlaw Josey Wales , Kaufman took the job and progress on the first Raiders film stalled. Lucas turned his attention back to Star Wars then retreated to Hawaii to avoid its opening night in Los Angeles. Joined on the vacation by director Steven Spielberg , Lucas told his friend about his Raiders series over dinner one night. After interviewing Marshall to gauge his interest in the project, Lucas asked him to stay back as Spielberg was on his way. The director brought Kasdan with him to meet Lucas for the first time, and Lucas introduced Kasdan and Marshall to each other as Raiders of the Lost Ark 's writer and producer respectively.

Lucas, Spielberg and Kasdan met in January for a five-day story conference to brainstorm and structure the Indiana Smiith concept out of which Kasdan would write the screenplay. The discussions resulted, among other things, in the Smith character becoming Indiana Jones. Spielberg had hated the original name, feeling it was too evocative of the Steve McQueen feature Nevada Smith. It was an easy concession for Lucas who had simply wanted a generic name that tapped into American culture.

He also suggested that Jones hailed from Indiana although the character himself was named after Lucas' dog. Comic book artist Jim Steranko was commissioned to produce original illustrations for pre-production, which heavily influenced Spielberg's decisions in both the look of the film and the character of Indiana Jones himself. The early s had been dominated by action films either with a certain gritty realism, such as the Dirty Harry series, or that were massive productions with huge casts and elaborate special effects such as The Poseidon Adventure.

By contrast Raiders of the Lost Ark is comic book-like in tone, with a glamorous heroine, over-the-top villains, and impressive stunt work combined with moments of comedy. It was also limited in its ambitions as it was shot in only 73 days, the plot is rather straightforward, and there are only a few principal characters. However, the actor was infamously unavailable for the part because of his commitment to the television series Magnum, P. There were three stunt doubles for Harrison Ford, the primary being British born stunt man Vic Armstrong , who reportedly resembled Ford to the degree that people off camera often mistook him for Harrison Ford.

But Ford fought to do much of the fights and stunts himself, citing there wouldn't have been much else for him to do if he wasn't in the thick of it. All of the scenes taking place in Cairo, Egypt were actually filmed in Kairouan, Tunisia. The scenes of the Tanis excavation and Jones leaping from horseback onto the convoy truck were filmed just a few hundred meters from the Tunisian canyon at Sidi Bouhlel on the outskirts of Tozeur. The U-boat scenes were shot at La Rochelle , both outside the harbor and inside the U-boat bunkers there, built by the Germans in Filming was done here due to the need to obtain a U-boat to film with — the film "borrowed" the U-boat that was being prepared for filming Das Boot , which was also filming at the same time and in the same area.

The film was originally set to be rated R because, during the climax of the film, there is a visual of Belloq's exploding head. After the effect was obscured by a column of fire, the rating was lowered to PG. While the movie takes place in , sources vary on the exact time placement. When the map showing the flightpath of Indiana Jones' plane journey to Nepal is displayed, the Himalayan state of Sikkim located between Nepal and Bhutan is shown as being part of India , when in actuality, Sikkim didn't join India until The map also displays Thailand , which was actually called Siam until Additionally, when the map showing the flightpath of Indy and Marion's plane journey from Nepal to Egypt is displayed, the red line passes over Jordan.

However, Jordan was named Transjordan until The Nepal to Egypt flightpath map mistakenly displays Qatar as part of Saudi Arabia , when in fact Qatar was a British protectorate at the time, and has never been part of Saudi Arabia. It also shows Lebanon as part of Syria , when in fact Lebanon was a French territorial mandate at the time, and hasn't been part of Syria since In the Nepal scene, one of the Nazi thugs is seen firing an MP40 , which was designed in , entered service in , and didn't exist back in It was the SS affiliated Ahnenerbe which was never part of the Afrika Korps who went digging for artifacts during that era.

Considering that Egypt was still a British protectorate in , armed and uniformed Germans wouldn't be permitted there. During the Well of Souls scene, when Indy stares at the cobra, the snake's reflection is visible in the glass separating the two to prevent the cobra from actually harming any of the actors the reflection was digitally removed for the DVD releases.

When Indiana Jones is breaking out of the Well of Souls, he shoves a heavy stone block out of the wall. The sound effects and shadow indicate the block bounced. Vic Tablian plays not only Barranca , who attempts to murder Jones by the water just after the opening credits and is later seen as a victim of the Hovitos , but also the " Monkey Man " who rides the motorcycle following Jones in Cairo.

Pat Roach , the actor who played the giant Sherpa and large mechanic with whom Jones brawls in the bar and Flying Wing sequences respectively was such a formidable opponent for Jones that he returned in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade in similar roles as huge, burly fighters. In the airplane scene, a drivechain can be seen turning the plane's undercarriage in several shots.

Several of the vehicles used by the Nazis are either anachronistic or not German at all, or both. The Cairo truck that flips over and blows up is a Mercedes-Benz L , which wasn't manufactured until The gas truck and troop carrier seen at the Tanis airfield are both British Morris-Commercial models, CD and CV respectively, and are both from two to three years after the movie is set. The troop car is a total fabrication. He should be using either an anti-tank rifle or a rifle-fired grenade, since the film takes place years before the outbreak of the Second World War. Later in the scene, when Belloq is negotiating with the RPG-toting Jones, it appears that a fly crawls into actor Paul Freeman's mouth. Since the DVD version, however, viewers are in a position to see the bug fly off at the moment it "enters" his mouth, ending rumors that Freeman actually swallowed it.

According to the edition of The World Almanac from Variety data , the first two Star Wars films are the only pictures released prior to that have out-earned Raiders. The movie plot also has a similar premise to many Carl Barks "Uncle Scrooge" comic books which often centered around journey for a famous treasure. Critics consider the Paramount Pictures adventure film Secret of the Incas starring Charlton Heston as adventurer Harry Steele on the trail of an ancient Incan artifact, to be prototypical to Raiders of the Lost Ark in both theme and style.

Film director Michael Bay worked on the film in a minor capacity, filing its storyboards at Lucasfilm Ltd. Having thought that the finished product was going to be bad, seeing the film in theaters actually convinced Bay that he wanted to be a film director. Director David Lean cited Raiders as one of his favorite films after it came out. Lean's Lawrence of Arabia is on record as being director Steven Spielberg's favorite film. During the Map Room scene, Indy is dressed very similar to Lawrence. In , the American Film Institute placed the film at number 60 on its top films of the first century of cinema.

In the film was deemed "culturally significant" by the United States Library of Congress and selected for preservation in the National Film Registry. It took the boys seven years to finish from It won numerous other awards including seven Saturn Awards. The film was released on VHS, Beta, CED and laserdisc, and was one of the first films which led to the concept of consumers owning films, rather than renting them. However, the title in the film itself remains unchanged, even in the restored DVD print.

This change was made to correlate with the titles of the film's prequel and sequel. Raiders was later released on DVD in and was reissued in May The only video game based exclusively on Raiders of the Lost Ark was released in by Atari for their Atari console. There was a toy line for Raiders of the Lost Ark released in The line was made by Kenner and was a huge hit. It only lasted through Numerous action figures, vehicles, playsets, and a 12 inch Indiana Jones large sized action figure were released. A second line was also released in On May 1, , a brand new Raiders toyline hit stores in conjunction with the release of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Indiana Jones Wiki Explore. Main Page All Pages Community. Home video Soundtracks Magazines Toys. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Raiders of the Lost Ark. Edit source History Talk For other uses, see Raiders of the Lost Ark disambiguation. Michael Moore Stunt Co-Ordinator Glenn Randall Costume Design Deborah Nadoolman Visual Effects Supervisor Richard Edlund Mechanical Effects Supervisor Kit West First Assistant Director David Tomblin Production Supervisor Douglas Twiddy Assistant Production Manager Patricia Carr Second Assistant Directors Bryan Coates Continuity Pamela Mann Associate to Mr.

Kathleen Kennedy Additional Photography Paul Beeson, B. Operating Cameraman Chic Waterson Assistant Cameraman Robin Vidgeon Second Assistant Cameraman Danny Shelmerdine Dolly Grip Colin Manning Gaffer Martin Evans Head Rigger Red Lawrence Art Director Leslie Dilley Set Director Michael Ford Construction Manager Bill Welch Property Master Frank Burton Assistant Construction Manager George Gunning Assistant Art Directors Ed Verreaux Production Artists Bob Walker Draftsman George Djurkovic Scenic Artist Andrew Garnet-Lawson Modeller Keither Short Chief Buyer David Lusby Art Department Assistant Sharon Cartwright Head Plasterer Bert Rodwell Supervising Plasterer Kenneth Clark Master Painter Eric Shirtcliffe Construction Storeman Dave Middleton Property Master Tunisia Peter Hancock Property Supervisor Charles Torbett Armorer Simon Atherton Wardrobe Supervisor Rita Wakely Wardrobe Assistants Tom Smith Make-Up Artist Dickie Mills Chief Hairdresser Patricia McDermott Hairdresser Mike Lockey Stunt Arranger Peter Diamond Senior Effects Technician Peter Dawson Effects Technicians Bill Warrington Special Effects Electrician Chris Condon Special Effects Carpenter Roy Coombes Special Effects Welder Yves De Bono Effects Assistants Richard L.

Anderson Sound Effects Editors Steve H. Curt Schulkey Dialogue Editor Andy Patterson Assistant Dialogue Editor Eric Whitfield Production Sound Roy Charman Sound Boom Operator John Salter Production Maintenance George Rice Re-Recording Eric Tomlinson Orchestrations Herbert W. Spencer Supervising Music Editor Kenneth Wannberg Assistant Film Editors Rupert Grives Foley Editor John Dunn Sound Effects Recording

Based on Philip K. Get Purpose Of Government Essay if you don't have Film Analysis: Indiana Jones The Raiders Of The Lost Ark account. Belloq: Jones, do you realize what the Ark is? Where the space-fantasy was influenced by Flash Gordon Bill Bowerman Research Paper, Indiana Smith had Film Analysis: Indiana Jones The Raiders Of The Lost Ark basis in the likes of Don Winslow of the Navythe globetrotting serviceman who took the fight to the Nazisand Tim Tyler's Luck whose protagonist "was always looking for the lost graveyard Film Analysis: Indiana Jones The Raiders Of The Lost Ark the elephants or the golden eye of some idol" according to Lucas. What did you think of the movie? That's a genre we don't really see a lot Film Analysis: Indiana Jones The Raiders Of The Lost Ark, and it's a real shame. Infiltrating the dig, Indy and Sallah use the headpiece in the Map Room to pinpoint Film Analysis: Indiana Jones The Raiders Of The Lost Ark Ark of the Covenant's location.

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