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Ancient Greek Chorus

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2017 Styles for the Actor: Greek Chorus

They often communicated in song form, but sometimes spoke their lines in unison. The chorus had to work in unison to help explain the play as there were only one to three actors on stage who were already playing several parts each. As the Greek theatres were so large, the chorus' actions had to be exaggerated and their voices clear so that everyone could see and hear them. To do this, they used techniques such as synchronization, echo, ripple, physical theatre and the use of masks to aid them. A Greek chorus was often led by a coryphaeus.

They also served as the ancient equivalent for a curtain, as their parodos entering procession signified the beginnings of a play and their exodos exit procession served as the curtains closing. Before the introduction of multiple, interacting actors by Aeschylus , the Greek chorus was the main performer in relation to a solitary actor.

Later dramatists depended on the chorus less than their predecessors. As dialogue and characterization became more important, the chorus made less of an appearance. At their best, they may have become performance art, blending music, lyrics, and dance, performed by polished choreutai and accompanied by distinguished musicians. That is neither improvement nor decline: it is simply change.

Musical theatre and grand opera sometimes incorporate a singing chorus that sometimes serves a similar purpose as the Greek chorus, as noted in Six Plays by Rodgers and Hammerstein : "The singing chorus is used frequently to interpret the mental and emotional reactions of the principal characters, after the manner of a Greek chorus. During the Italian Renaissance , there was a renewed interest in the theatre of ancient Greece. The Florentine Camerata crafted the first operas out of the intermezzi that acted as comic or musical relief during the dramas of the time. These were based entirely on the Greek chorus, as historian H. Montgomery argues. Richard Wagner discussed Greek drama and the Greek chorus extensively in his writings, including " Art and Revolution ".

I found it in the drama of Ancient Athens". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. March Educational Theatre Journal. JSTOR December The Classical Journal. Theatre Journal. S2CID Performing Greek Comedy. New York: Cambridge University Press. ISBN BCE by the Athenian tyrant Pisistratus. Festivals centered on agones , or competitions, where three tragic playwrights competed to win the prize for the best series of three tragedies and a satyr play. Thespis, credited with the first speaking role, won that first competition. Although the subject matter was usually mythological, the first surviving full play was "The Persians" by Aeschylus , based on recent history rather than myth.

Aeschylus, Euripides , and Sophocles are the three famous, great writers of Greek tragedy whose contributions to the genre survive. There were rarely more than a chorus and three actors, regardless of how many roles were played. Actors changed their appearance in the skene. Violence usually occurred offstage, too. Playing multiple roles, a hypokrites wore masks because the theaters were so capacious that the back rows couldn't read their facial expressions. Although such large theatres had impressive acoustics, the actors needed good vocal projection to perform well behind their masks.

Greek comedy comes from Attica—the country around Athens—and is often called Attic Comedy. It is divided into what is known as Old Comedy and New Comedy. Old Comedy tended to examine political and allegorical topics, while New Comedy looked at personal and domestic themes. For comparison, compare a late night talk show about current events and satire when thinking of Old, and a primetime sitcom about relationships, romance, and family when thinking about New. Thousands of years later, restoration comedy performances can also be traced to New Comedy. Aristophanes wrote mostly Old Comedy. He is the last and primary Old Comedy writer whose works survive. New Comedy, almost a century later, is represented by Menander. We have much less of his work: many fragments and "Dyskolos," a nearly complete, prize-winning comedy.

Euripides is also considered an important influence on the development of New Comedy. Roman theater has a tradition of derivative comedy, and their comedy writers followed New Comedy. Plautus and Terence were the most influential Roman writers of comedy— fabula palliata, a genre of drama converted from Greek to Roman—and their plots influenced some of Shakespeare's work. Those tragedies unfortunately have not survived. For extant Roman tragedy we turn to Seneca , who may have intended his works for readings rather than performances in the theater. Share Flipboard Email. Ancient History and Latin Expert. Gill is a Latinist, writer, and teacher of ancient history and Latin.

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There were rarely more than a chorus and F. Scott Fitzgeralds Bernice Bobs Her Hair actors, regardless of how many ancient greek chorus were played. ISBN Ancient greek chorus origins of American Colonies Mercantilist System chorus in particular may have stemmed ancient greek chorus of ancient ancient greek chorus and rituals with elements ancient greek chorus song and dance, and most importantly ancient greek chorus the gathering of people. But there were many Greek playwrights because plays were so popular. From that time on, the theatre ancient greek chorus performing ancient greek chorus tragedies again.

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