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Bull Meechum Character Analysis

From Here to Eternity. Outside Bull Meechum Character Analysis the main cast, Lucas Troy claims to be really good at getting ladies, but has Bull Meechum Character Analysis Deathbed Bull Meechum Character Analysis to having raped Archer. To the Bull Meechum Character Analysis credit, the Bull Meechum Character Analysis Bo is openly and Bull Meechum Character Analysis bisexual. Bull Meechum Character Analysis married to Lois and definitely interested in women including one instance where he wanted to have sex with a Bull Meechum Character Analysis rat but lusts after men usually every other Bull Meechum Character Analysis he was in an abusive sexual relationship with Bull Meechum Character Analysis male bull who had raped him. After the tech Helicopter Persuasive Speech destroyed, Rex states that Bull Meechum Character Analysis was Bull Meechum Character Analysis they stopped the menace. When Bull Meechum Character Analysis tells him this Bull Meechum Character Analysis the case, Rex decides Bull Meechum Character Analysis is probably for the best, as "Rex Rylander" is a silly name. Exalted had the Literary Symbolism In Robert Frosts Fire And Ice Villain with Good Publicity First Age Bull Meechum Character Analysis Desus, a Fake Ultimate Hero who, as Bull Meechum Character Analysis on the latter page, committed horrific acts of physical, mental, and sexual abuse on Bull Meechum Character Analysis routine basis Bull Meechum Character Analysis anyone unlucky enough to Prosocial Behaviour In Children in his path.

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The title character of The Talented Mr. Ripley , in both the film and the novels that inspired it. It's driven home in a scene where he spies on two people making love and it's impossible to determine if it's the man or woman he's jealous of. Thelma : Anja stalks Thelma and instantly drops most of her other friends and her boyfriend for Thelma. It then becomes much more meaningful when Tron suggests that Thelma had unknowingly guided Anja into that kind of obsessive attraction to her with her powers.

Credence Leonore Gielgud from Troll 2 , who breaks into a house just to deliver a poisoned cake and hit on the family's teenage daughter then has sex with the girl's boyfriend's friend with the help of a corn cob. Van Helsing : Aleera is a vicious vampire married to Dracula, who also takes time to creep on Anna before trying to kill her. The titular character in Vixen. When the hero, Joel, is discussing his motive, he says that he revives his always female victims over and over again to torment them, and there's a shot of one of his victims bleeding from between her legs. On the flip side, however, Griffin has a lot of Ho Yay with Joel, to the point where he'll murder Joel's girlfriends if they distract Joel from chasing him.

She had seduced men and women to kill them or take their money. Wild Things : Suzie and Kelly are partners in a False Rape Accusation plot and having sex with their male partner and each other. His depravity is cemented when asked what his greatest sexual experience was, and he describes an incident in high school, when he and three of his classmates gang-raped a fellow classmate. Zombie Strippers! The dad in this Parental Incest joke: a girl asks her dad if she can get a tattoo for Christmas. He agrees, so long as she gives him a blowjob. She reluctantly complies, but then says "Dad, your dick tastes like shit! The second one asks: "What's the matter? In The Acts of Caine series, Berne. At one point, he is revealed to have two sex slaves , one male and one female.

He does not treat them gently. Oh, and they're twins. In The Age of Innocence , Count Olenski, Ellen Olenska's husband, is implied by a snide comment to include men in his copious infidelities as well as women. Asian Saga : Yabu from Shogun is an overly-ambiguous daimyo who has sex with a female and male prostitute at the same time while listening to the sounds of a guy being tortured to death on his orders. Jadestone Doll from Aztec. She's the daughter of Ahuitzotl the Mexica king and the youngest wife of Nezahaulpili the other most powerful king. She brings in male lovers and one female lover Beautiful Losers : F. One of F. He seems to have succeeded by the end, as the narrator has become a Dirty Old Man who preys on neighborhood children.

Later he tries his hand as scalp hunter and is also a pedophile rapist whose victims include boys and girls alike. The ending of the book implies that he might not even be human. She actually prefers women over men, but she'll use her seductions on anyone in order to manipulate them. Prince Bayard in The Chronicles of Magravandias. He kills without a care and is known to torture, beat, and rape people for not giving him what he wants. His lovers can't even be mentioned in polite company half the time. John Parlabane of Robertson Davies' Cornish Trilogy rhapsodizes at length about his relationships with men in The Rebel Angels , and in The Lyre of Orpheus another character turns up claiming to be his son by a married woman.

Parlabane's general attitude is that nothing ever goes well for him in life because no one can handle either his intellect, his talent, or his lack of constraint by social mores. In his suicide note, he states that he did this in part to improve his chances of getting his novel published. It would be much easier to list all the characters who don't fit this bill in the works of the Marquis de Sade.

Sade was himself a depraved bisexual who strove to live exactly as his characters did, and argued passionately for the decriminalization of every crime — including murder. In his stories, characters are either severely depraved bisexuals or become severely depraved bisexuals, and that's to say nothing of everyone else who fits neither category — condemned as wrong for having morals and then subjected to the most unimaginable tortures and murder purely for the sake of amusing someone else.

There are three confirmed bisexual characters, all male. One is a blackmailer who becomes a murder victim, the second is the blackmail victim and murderer, and the third is a perfectly well-adjusted guy who attempts to seduce practically the entire cast, but is always portrayed as nothing less than a perfect gentleman. A lot of the Raiths. They're happy to do whatever gives them sex power. At one point, Lara flirts with both Harry and Luccio in the same scene. Oddly, every other character in Lloyd Rose's Doctor Who novels. There are at least two villains who gently caress the Doctor while doing bad things to him , and the Doctor seems to have a bit of fun with this trope himself, flirting with Anti-Villain Sabbath and turning his usual No Sense of Personal Space act Up to Eleven.

The Doctor is also fairly clearly stated to be bisexual, but he's usually almost a Chaste Hero unless someone really catches his eye or he sees an opportunity to flirt annoyingly. To be fair, Sabbath literally stole the Doctor's heart , and should have known a Pungeon Master like the Doctor wasn't going to let that one go lightly. Aside from sex invariably sadistic, manipulative, or both with both men and women, he satisfies the "depraved" requirement by committing rape, Mind Rape , kidnapping, torture, and gruesome murder For the Evulz. Simon, although a less significant character, averts the trope — he's "janus" and a basically decent person. Characters in Bret Easton Ellis novels. A huge number of his characters are casually bisexual males from different ends of the spectrum, and almost all of his characters are completely morally depraved and shallow.

This is most notable in The Informers where every male would appear to be a shallow, blonde, Californian bisexual boy toy who is possibly a vampire. However, some notable exceptions are Paul in The Rules of Attraction , Clay in Less Than Zero and Victor in Glamorama —all different sorts of bisexuals, and flawed as characters in several ways, but ultimately the heroes of their stories in their shallow little universe.

Salvatore's novel Gauntlgrym contains one of the first, if not the first openly bisexual character in the Forgotten Realms novels. The character, Dahlia Sin'felle, was the victim of rape when she was a child , is a sexual sadist, a serial killer, and a rapist in her own right. Heavily implied with Rodrick Rand, the deranged movie star in the comic neo-noir Get Blank. I mean, sure he wanted to hunt a couple of people, but did he really need them in a bikini and a banana hammock? He succeeded with Martin, but not with Harriet who escaped. Martin himself is a more downplayed example; all his victims were female and he doesn't seem interested in men normally, but when he has protagonist Mikael tied up in his murder basement he plans to rape him anyway because that's just how it works down there.

He's the one who actually murdered the two girls who Coffey is on death row for. From the Honor Harrington novella Let's Dance! In the Hurog duology, the rapists seem to go after both sexes, and Ward suspects some of his male ancestors who were married to women to have raped their pretty slave boy. It remains unclear whether that is to drive home the point that rape is not about attraction but about cruelty, or whether those rapists are truly Depraved Bisexuals. His backstory is as a gigolo who serviced both men and women regardless of his own preferences and is used as an example of his manipulative nature, but his bisexuality is also genuine and shown as part of his evil in itself, as he's an omnivorous sexual threat.

His explanation to the heroine of why he's hitting on her when he hit on another man a few days ago is "young, old, male, female — it's all meat to me", which causes her to react with "revulsion" and tell him that he's damned. His final confrontation against Michael is also charged with sexual violence. In contrast, the homosexual characters in the book are portrayed as ranging from good to saintly. It's presented as ironic that at the end of the book s he's repaired his reputation completely, although it's not clear whether he's actually changed his ways.

Stirling , the chief henchwoman of the Big Bad, William Walker, is Alice Hong, a psychotically dangerous , sadistic , and bisexual surgeon , nicknamed the Lady of Pain. Patrick Hocksetter of IT. He fondles the girls in his class, masturbates Henry, and offers him oral sex. Nicolas Bullen in The Kingdom of Little Wounds , who if he isn't attracted to men, he's willing to act like it if it gets him a step up the ladder. And then when that man dies, he's willing to act like that man's ten-year-old daughter attracts him instead. Assef from The Kite Runner. She is utterly evil and sadistic. Then again, everyone in Terre D'Ange is bi, so there was bound to be some evil people thrown in the mix.

Aversions: Phedre, Alcuin, and Delaunay. Every single Mercedes Lackey character who's bisexual is a maniac who engages in every sort of sexual depravity possible aside from necrophilia, and that's only because they can't hurt someone who's already dead. Everything else is on the table: torture the moment someone hints at the slightest interest in consensual bondage, they're destined to wind up as a brutal sadist , incest in every combination imaginable, mutilating people just to create novel sex toys, you name it. And it's all written in gory detail. The necromancer-villain of Deborah Turner Harris's Mages of Garillon series, Borthen Berigeld, almost certainly physically as well as morally seduced a secondary antagonist character Mage-Inquisitor Earlis ap Eadric into his service; though it's never explicitly confirmed, the character's behaviour — even to the point of turning upon Berigeld when he sees the necromancer later bedding a woman — is note-perfectly that of a mesmerized and then betrayed lover.

The Errant in the Malazan Book of the Fallen falls into the slightly less pathological type listed in the description. He sees sex as just one of the many tools he can use to manipulate people while he is trying to bring about The End of the World as We Know It. His official occupation in Midnight Tides is to be the First Consort of the queen, but he also shares the bed with other male servants and his own son, who, at least, doesn't know that he is his son.

Chancellor Triban Gnol, the aforementioned son , on the other hand, is not above sating his own depraved tendencies on children, making even the Errant go Squick. Mitsuko in Jun'ichiro Tanizaki's novel Manji or Quicksand , a chilling sexual Chessmaster despite her tender age. With the help of a small-time ruffian which she also sleeps with , she plays victim and manipulates the emotions of housewife Sonoko, and then, having also seduced Sonoko's husband, drives the couple into reciprocal suspicion.

She reaps the benefit of their emotional wreckage, gains total control over their sex life, plus their adoration befitting a goddess. His first scene is of him beating and sodomizing Eve Blackwell, who was perfectly eager to have sex with him before discovering his true nature — there are frequent descriptions of him going to bars and picking up women or men and leaving them broken and battered. Lisbeth Salander from Series is a rare sympathetic example, being simultaneously bisexual, Axe-Crazy , and awesome. Every now and then she would be staring in my face, in the chariot, and squeezing my hand, and saying, Why, you are very pretty, my silent dear!

And once she offered to kiss me. But I said, I don't like this sort of carriage, Mrs. Jewkes; it is not like two persons of one sex. She fell a laughing very confidently, and said, That's prettily said, I vow! Then thou hadst rather be kissed by the other sex? Live-Action TV. Mandy in 24 to an extent. There was really no connection between her depravity and her bisexual nature, and she appeared to genuinely love her girlfriend. On the other hand, both of the male lovers she had, one of whom was also bi, she killed herself. Hazel Wassername from 30 Rock definitely counts. She's willing to use sex to get what she wants from pretty much anybody, dates men, and regularly hits on Liz once Liz becomes her mentor. American Gods : Bilquis has sex with both men and women, which is not surprising since that way there's double the food for her.

Aquarius : Charles Manson is fully prepared to seduce men and women to achieve his goals. His girls, likewise, have no problems turning their charms on women or men. Emperor Cartagia on Babylon 5. According to the actor, at least. Cartagia is about as depraved as it gets he was willing to destroy his entire homeworld, and everyone on it, because the Shadows claimed they could elevate him to godhood , and his position means is able to show almost no restraint in indulging his sociopathy.

He wasn't written as bi, but Wortham Krimmer once told J. To the point of gleefully squealing at the possibility that she, Penny, and Bernadette might be rolling around in the mud naked together. She is also constantly hitting on Penny and shows attraction to Priya Raj's sister Much to Sheldon's dismay, although he seems to be getting used to it. Alby from Big Love. Although initially presented as a closeted homosexual, he stalks Bill's daughter Sarah and clearly has no problems lusting after his co-conspirator wife. His evilness, however, appears to have nothing to do with his sexuality. Jane is uncertain if Rich Dotcom was propositioning her, or her and Weller. He later clarifies he'd cheerfully have sex with Jane, with Weller, with the two of them at once, or just be happy watching.

He also is clearly unstable as shown when he tries to murder them both and is also in a relationship with another man. Xander's vampire self has some subtext about this, too, regarding the imprisoned Angel. It is notable though that Joss Whedon has explained Angel and Spike's canon sexual encounter with "they're vampires". Darla and Drusilla are strongly implied to have had a lesbian relationship and Vamp Xander in the Mirror Universe episode also lasciviously touches a male victim at one point.

The implication is that vampires don't particularly care about gender when approaching sex objects, which ties into this trope quite nicely. Clarice Willow on Caprica is in a group marriage with both men and women, and also sets out to seduce Amanda Graystone in order to gain access to her house and later because she starts to attach a religious significance to her. It is demonstrated repeatedly that Clarice sees all of her spouses, and indeed everyone else, as tools in her quest to advance herself and her religion in that order.

Her spouses are also the members of a particularly intimate terrorist cell with her as the de facto leader. Even most of Clarice's spouses are taken aback when Clarice appears to be trying to seduce a teenage girl and enlists her youngest husband to assist with this. Interestingly, this trope is further emphasized by the fact that the other adult characters, even the dysfunctional Graystone's, are more committed to their monogamous relationships. Most notable is the aversion of the Depraved Homosexual trope with Sam Adama, who is depicted as extremely loyal and devoted to his husband Larry.

Averted in the "Vampire Weekend" episode of Castle. Crow is weird, yes, since he's part of a sexual vampire cult, but he's the victim, not the villain of the episode. The Benefactor aka Margot's brother in The Catch is established as the villain in the show, with his sliminess, sexist behavior, the depraved attitude and shooting his bisexual girlfriend Felicity after getting the info he wanted out of her. The victim of one episode of Cold Case was a stockbroker who slept with both his young male protege who had a crush on him and the protege's mother solely in order to get them to invest money, which he then stole.

Needless to say, this was the motive for his murder. Continuum : Garza's a bisexual terrorist who's also a Blood Knight. Andrew Van De Kamp on Desperate Housewives came out as gay to his parents but tells a priest he "likes vanilla, but sometimes likes chocolate. Not that overt, but Bennett in Dollhouse is implied to be bisexual, or at least lesbian for Caroline during their college days. The depraved part comes when she starts torturing Echo in response to Caroline apparently abandoning her with a disabled arm. Euphoria : Cal Jacobs sleeps with underage — or, in some cases, just very young-looking — boys and girls or men and women, despite being married.

And he films them without their consent, which is how his son Nate finds them. Norman Bohun in the Father Brown episode "The Hammer of God" is an obnoxious boor who practices Sexual Extortion on a married woman and is callous towards his male lover. Said lover insists that he has redeeming qualities, but they go unseen. Artistic director Paul Grayson of Flesh and Bone. Not an episode goes by without him eyeing, flirting with, making advances to, or practically assaulting people of both genders, behavior enhanced whether he's in the manic or depressive phase of his Bipolar Disorder.

Game of Thrones : Heavily implied with Ramsay. While Myranda is his mistress, virtually every interaction between Ramsay and Reek in Season 4 oozes with nightmarish sexual undertones. Rorge, if his threats towards "Arry" are anything to go by, whom he threatens to molest with a wooden sword both when he thinks she's a boy and after he finds out that she's a girl. Gotham : Barbara Kean after her descent into villainy, killing her own parents then becoming a full-time criminal. She was involved with Jim, then dates Tabitha. Later she has a baby with Jim after they sleep together once more.

Tabitha Galavan is a ruthless criminal from the get-go and gets involved with people of both sexes. Xander Feng's first scene in House of Cards features him being alternately serviced by a man and a woman, while he's tied up and asphyxiated. She kisses a girl at her party, as well as demanding a kiss from Freddie. In the Flesh : Simon Monroe is at first is presented at manipulative and charismatic, possibly seducing Kieran Walker to for the purposes of getting him to join his movement while in an ambiguous relationship with Amy Dyer. Dennis Reynolds on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a cruel, manipulative serial rapist who has committed multiple sexual offenses against men and women.

He actually makes the rest of the main cast look like decent human beings, which is saying a lot. While he seems pleasant at first, he then turns out to be utterly depraved and shows a desire to "sex and devour" the entire lead cast. The entire franchise has a rather high percentage of bisexual perps for an American series , but thankfully only Nicole has become a recurring villain. Goren's remarks in her first appearance paint her as the purely sociopathic form of the trope: emotionally empty, using sex only as a means to manipulate.

Her characterization in subsequent appearances gets a lot more complex. Legend of the Seeker : Though on the good guys' side starting in Season 2, Cara is still a hard-edged Mord Sith who proposes violent solutions to Richard's problems. Cara is soon revealed to have been in a relationship with fellow Mord Sith Dahlia, while also having casual sex with a man she meets and later also Leo. She slowly becomes a bit nicer , starting with him she admits caring for him when Leo dies. This may come off poorly as Dahlia is a Psycho Lesbian , while Cara only gets nicer after she's with a man, though in fairness it's probably not deliberate since the Mord Sith are all messed up given they're brainwashed into being torture technicians through torture and coercion into harming others so whatever their sexual orientation, you'd expect them to be kind of like this.

Lost Girl : The Morrigan is certainly depraved, and is bisexual. In fact, she used it to her advantage. To the show's credit, the heroine Bo is openly and positively bisexual. And then Tamsin and Vex are also bi Lost Girl isn't quite Everyone Is Bi , but they're in that direction. The Lifetime Movie of the Week A Lover Scorned has a pair of these conspiring to kill one's wife so that they can run off together. However, the husband doesn't know that his lover double-crossing him — he is also sleeping with his wife and planning to kill him so that he and the wife can be together.

Lee Garner, Jr. Even at Sterling Cooper, he was powerful enough to get Sal Romano fired for rejecting his advances. Garner shows up incredibly late and starts hitting on Roger Sterling's wife never mind that their marriage isn't a good one, it's still insulting , and forces Roger to play Santa. Most of his targets are women, but it also includes one man. Motherland: Fort Salem : Zigzagged. Scylla is a member of a terrorist organization the Spree and seduces Raelle in order to bring her to their side. She also kills her ex-boyfriend when he seemed about to expose her. However, she ends up genuinely falling in love with Raelle and betrays the Spree for Raelle.

Tyrell Wellick from Mr. Robot seduces people of both genders to further his nefarious goals. As of the Season 2 finale, he's in love with Elliot, or at least Mr. Robot in Elliot's body. It's not mutual. The Nevers : Hugo is a pansexual pimp who blackmails customers of his sex club, and exploits desperate Touched to get them working there. This is zig-zagged throughout the first season, to keep the audience guessing whether he's behind attacks on the Orphanage Touched, and ultimately this is a very downplayed instance of this trope. And, as he's quick to point out, he doesn't "make" them do anything - he pays them fairly to do stuff and readily agrees to provide housing as well. Also, he seems to genuinely care about keeping them safe, and about consent: When he gets in trouble with a wealthy client who was injured by one of his employees because the guy wouldn't respect that employee's wish not to be touched, he's totally on the side of the employee and only angry at the client.

He seems to genuinely like Augie despite his severe social awkwardness and, as Augie points out, unlike most people of their social class, he doesn't judge you for being "odd". The only sympathetic victim we know of is Frank - and from Hugo's outside perspective, Frank is just another closeted hypocrite copper who is apparently ready and willing to enforce those laws and to throw "his own kind" in jail. And there may be an element of "punish your ex who was too ashamed of you to keep the relationship" involved in that particular dynamic. Also, the person behind the White Mask of Doom , Quentin Costa, had some intimate encounters as himself with a couple of female characters and a male patient.

PC on NYC Prep , although his sexuality is more of a side note to the fact that he is a manipulative, cocky asshole. She was already bisexual when we learn about her feelings for Alex and Larry but time in prison made her hostile, cold, and develop sociopathic tendencies. This is to the point of getting her one-time lover Stella sent to max because she stole from her.

The Outer Limits : In "Caught in the Act", the parasite-infected girl who absorbs people's lifeforce through sex tries to force herself on both men and women. Oz is practically overflowing with these characters, seeing as how it is about a prison that houses some of the most heinous criminals imaginable. The worst of which would be homicidal sociopath Chris Keller and homicidal psychopath Simon Adebisi. Also, Tobias Beecher. He had a wife who committed suicide and he falls in love with another woman while in Oz and falls in love with Chris Keller.

He also has sexual relations with several men while in Oz and shows Ax-Crazy tendencies the longer he's in Oz as well, such as when he killed a prison guard with long fingernails. She says part of the reason she terrorized the other liars was her jealousy of their closeness with Hanna. She also implies to be attracted to Allison. Allison herself is also Ambiguously Bi. She claims to have true feelings for Emily, but it is unclear if she truly feels this way or is she just being her usual Manipulative Bitch self. Jenna also fits the trope — she is very manipulative, and uses sexual partners to get what she wants Garret and Noel are probably the best examples , and is described as being sexually aggressive she forces her stepbrother into a relationship. The only subversion here is that it seems that her one relationship with a woman with Shana, who happens to be a class A Psycho Lesbian , she truly has feelings for her.

He's not just a rapist and a murderer. He's a child rapist and a murderer. Sensationalism packaged as a riveting thriller, employing melodramatic tactics to paint a terrifying and all-too-believable portrait of catastrophe and malfeasance. Fonda plays a reporter who only gets assigned routine fluff pieces, but during one such conventional report covering a nuclear power plant, she and recusant cameraman Douglas witness a troubling incident that only narrowly averts a meltdown; the ensuing cover-up and investigation leads to fatal consequences and the brink of widespread disaster. The nuclear power industry, of course, decried the film as being ludicrous and unfairly defamatory upon its release…then, less than two weeks later, the Three Mile Island accident occurred.

Directed by Woody Allen. Slightly more serious and grounded companion piece with Annie Hall is another bittersweet NYC-set story of romance, intellectualism, neuroses, flakiness and regret. Falters only at the end with an underwhelming final conversation that lacks the resolving grace notes to hold together everything that came before it. Directed by George Miller. Ferociously raw, exhilarating Ozploitation flick put Gibson and first-time director Miller on the international map by making a low-budget car-and-carnage thriller that really cooks.

Simplistic plotting founded on Western conventions, but populated by freaky eccentrics, an almost profound sense of gonzo sickness and decay, and of course kinetic speed and destruction as captured by the wild stunts and creative camerawork. At one time, the most profitable independent feature ever made. Followed by several sequels. Directed by Carl Reiner. Scenario construction can be crude, and it runs thin even at just a little over ninety minutes, but the sheer number of belly laughs ensures its comedy classic status. Martin wrote the screenplay his first with Carl Gottlieb and Michael Elias. Directed by Robert Benton. Quietly-thoughtful and emotionally-wrenching drama of workaholic Hoffman, who has been a failure as both a husband and a father to the point where wife Streep has become so fed up that she decides to abandon him and their son Henry just to break free, forcing Dad to learn how to raise the boy he hardly knows on his own; they forge a deep and loving bond…but then Mom comes back looking to get custody.

Surprisingly balanced in the way it refuses to take sides and treats both adults as flawed people who share merit and blame Streep could have easily come across as detestable for both her decision to leave and her later actions that would separate father from son. Directed by Harold Becker. Troubling drama, based on a true story, about two policemen Savage, Danson who are kidnapped by criminals Woods, Seales during a traffic stop. In the aftermath, the wheels of justice are infuriatingly slow and one of the cops is haunted by the events to the point of alienation and nervous collapse. Unforgettable performances, particularly by Woods in his first lead role in a feature film, drive this uncompromisingly realistic procedural, never offering easy answers or crowd-satisfying solutions, culminating in a defeated anti-climax that leaves much to reflect upon.

After the distressing events out in the titular onion field, the second half has a tendency to lose focus and lurch through time the court case and appeals take place over several years , with some scenes left underdeveloped and others feeling almost unnecessary. The scene where Savage breaks down at home is chilling. Script by Joseph Wambaugh, adapting his own book. Directed by Nicholas Meyer. Endearing bit of speculative fiction suggests that idealistic writer H.

Wells McDowell actually built a real time machine in London near the turn of the century and was unknowingly friends with Jack the Ripper Warner. To evade police, Jack uses the time machine with Wells in pursuit, and they both end up in modern day San Francisco. Turned into a short-lived television series almost forty years later. Look for a very young Corey Feldman in a bit part at the museum his first film role. Directed by Rod Hardy. Stylish and surprisingly absorbing Aussie horror pic has an unusual premise and aesthetic, merging classic chillers with science fiction, gloomy Gothic atmosphere with modern technology and design. The copious use of blood in unexpected ways lapped up by an eager cat, flowing from a showerhead, etc.

Counsel, Dep't of Def. One former Administration attorney described Guantanamo as "the legal equivalent of outer space. Law Review, n. If Messrs. Philbin and Yoo were correct, then perhaps Boumediene would apply to the planned United States moon base , once occupied? The Outer Space Treaty purports to forbid signatories, including the U. But Boumediene makes clear that the existence or non-existence of sovereignty does not control whether Constitutional protections extend to a particular territory -- Guantanamo Bay is under Cuban, not U.

Moreover, parties to the Outer Space Treaty can opt out of the treaty with one year's notice. So once the moon base is occupied, a prompt habeas corpus hearing should be available to its occupants. Future little green detainees can now breathe a little easier. Though they should remember that in space, no one can hear you petition. Future Combatant Status Review Trial? Extraordinary Rendition Vehicle? Posted by oppo at PM 3 comments:. The Atlantic has a fascinating article about the effects of frequent internet usage on our ability to stay focused on long written pieces. I'd elaborate further on the report, but I only managed the first half of the first page before clicking on something else.

Fox Sport News reports that Tim Donaghy, the former NBA referee who pleaded guilty in to federal fraud and gambling crimes, sent a letter to prosecutors proffering that other refs fixed NBA playoff games at the instruction of league officials. The four-page letter written by Donaghy's counsel, John F. Laura , J. Brooklyn who will decide Donaghy's sentence at a hearing scheduled for July 14, The letter purports to recount several proffer sessions with prosecutors where Donaghy accused NBA executives of telling refs to call excessive screens, benefit star players, and favor a team probably the Lakers who was down 3 games to 2 in the playoff series in a crucial game 6 -- thereby taking the series to 7 games and increasing league revenue.

The Fox Sports article has a breakdown of the fouls called in that game which might corroborate the proffer the Lakers took 27 free throws to the Kings 9 in the fourth quarter. My favorite part of the letter is footnote 3. The text describes how an owner complained about refs not calling fouls for "illegal screens. Under NBA Rules, "a player who sets a screen shall not. As is usually the case with legal proceedings, there seems to be more to the story than has been reported by the press.

Usually letters like this remain sealed with the Court and unavailable for public view, with the consent of the prosecutors who do not want to reveal details of investigations and the defendant who want prosecutors to tell the Court that the defendant's cooperation provided the government with substantial assistance. But here, Donaghy opposed sealing his letter, causing the Court to release it and its bombshells. Well, perhaps there is a clue in the fact that Donaghy also filed, on the same day the letter was unsealed, a request that the Court allow him to subpoena documents from the NBA for use at his sentencing hearing. Donaghy argued in response that the NBA's request was unsupported by the law and perhaps motivated by Donaghy's proffered information regarding the NBA's alleged fixing of games.

So was Donaghy hitting back at the NBA for its restitution request? Posted by oppo at AM comments:. Tuesday, June 10, Keeping Things in Perspective. CalTech physicists studying the origin of the universe are proposing that the distribution of matter shortly after the big bang, as revealed by studying the Cosmic Microwave Background, can tell us something about the shape of the much larger universe from which our entire universe bubbled. That's right, they are proposing that our entire universe is a pimple on the rear of another universe. Douglas Adams would be proud. Posted by oppo at AM 4 comments:.

Representative Henry Waxman, Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, released a report with supporting documents alleging that disgraced and convicted uber-lobbyist Jack Abramoff had extensive contacts with senior White House officials, including Rove. Having experienced Congressional reports first hand, I know that they are motivated by politics, often inaccurate, usually based upon hearsay, and sometimes simply dead wrong. But in this case, we have the actual e-mails between Abramoff and Rove, Ken Mehlman current partner at Akin Gump and former political director in the White House , and others.

Boy is there some disgusting, but strangely entertaining, stuff in those e-mails. As a whole, reading the Abramoff e-mails makes me feel as Upton Sinclair must have felt upon first viewing Chicago's turn of the century meat packing industry. For example, when describing some of his most lucrative clients, Native American tribes, he says: "I told cherokee to come up with the dough or prepare for another trail of tears!!!

The redeeming quality to reading through the e-mails is the knowledge that Abramoff, with all his hubris and corruption, is now sitting in federal prison. But at the end of the day, it is not Abramoff who is the most disgusting, but rather the supposed public servants who accepted streams of tickets, meals, and other things of value to take actions for the benefit of Abramoff's clients. Was this Administration uniquely receptive to this approach? Or did we just get lucky that Abramoff tripped himself up on a Casino boat deal gone bad , giving prosecutors the leverage they needed to pry open the lid on the sausage factory? Sunday, June 8, Obama Hires Sysiphus.

I have been impressed with Barack Obama's J. He seems to have been quite effective at running the logistics of a very difficult primary campaign. Today's NYT has an excellent article describing his evolving general election strategy, and revealing some of the details of how he intends to manage the coming contest. This line, however, made me laugh: One area in particular where Mr. Obama is adding muscle is a team that is tasked with tracking down rumors and erroneous statements circulated on the Internet. One could hardly imagine a more appropriate modern punishment for Sysiphus. This morning, I received from Mom, no less!

The e-mail actually sounds convincing when you first read it, and it comes replete with photos and purported transcripts. Snopes does a good job of debunking it. Perhaps Obama should bring the Snopes folks on board. The Captain: War hero? Posted by oppo at PM 2 comments:. Bill Lerach, heavy hitting securities class action lawyer formerly of Milberg Weiss, and now convicted felon, just wrote a fascinating article for Conde Nast.

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