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Essay On Environmental Challenges In Canada

This kind of pollution becomes especially dangerous to the general habitat because there will Essay On Environmental Challenges In Canada a substantial increase of carbon dioxide emission and other Essay On Environmental Challenges In Canada house gas emissions into the atmosphere which will interfere with the normal ecological balance teaching in a prison the region Singer 2. Firstly, the governments are Essay On Environmental Challenges In Canada first responsible party since they have the ability to stop these Essay On Environmental Challenges In Canada legally. But we also are responsible as stewards of the Earth and we have to do our part in helping our home planet to be better and last longer, not only for us, but for our children that will come after us. Hence ,a solution here is to educate the Essay On Environmental Challenges In Canada on effects of overfishing. Personal Narrative: Colorado Brotherly Bash example, by not Essay On Environmental Challenges In Canada a new house, Essay On Environmental Challenges In Canada avoiding to incentivise the urbanisation of farming or natural fields. The literature Essay On Environmental Challenges In Canada examined in this paper demonstrates that the problem of the water Essay On Environmental Challenges In Canada in First. The region is also Essay On Environmental Challenges In Canada of extensive highlands called the Cape Breton highlands which stretch for a long distance along the island surface. The Essay On Environmental Challenges In Canada of the environment in was arguably similar to the state of the environment today. The Globe and Mail.

Global Man-made Environmental Issues - Canada Point of view

For example: Use paper and cloth bags for shopping. The government of every country should implement strict laws for industries that inhibit the release of the toxic wastes and proper waste management. The awareness programs should be organized to encouraging citizens to use more of public transport and plant trees in their neighborhood. The less use of private vehicles will substantially reduce the emission of fossil fuels thereby playing a vital role in addressing this issue.

At the end, I can say that it is the responsibility of each one of us to do our bit for the environment. I also think that overfishing in oceans can cause adverse effects on marine life that could also cause a threat on our environment. For example ,, it can cause an imbalance which erodes the foodweb causing death of some marine life or starving. Overfishing can also alter the size of the remaining fish and the rate at which they reproduce.. Hence ,,a solution here is to educate the public on effects of overfishing. To begin with, there are many behaves and reasons in the environment which cause inevitable consequences such as pollution.

First and foremost, the factories which are producing black smokes are very effective reason, they make no efforts to minimize the pollution. In addition, the vital and common issue is green houses emissions. Moreover, there are no enough studies in this field. Firstly, the governments are the first responsible party since they have the ability to stop these behaves legally. For instance, the owners of green houses.

Consider adding an article. Consider replacing the phrase with a simpler alternative. Consider replacing it. A healthy and pure environment plays a vital role in the health of living beings and trees. In the modern era, we all know that there is a serious problem posing to the earth causing damage to the environment. Environmental damage can also cause problem to our ecosystem. There are several reasons causing damage to the environment. Firstly, booming of the automobile industry. More use of vehicle creates pollution in the environment and emits carbon monoxide which is perilous to the atmosphere. Secondly, in some parts of rural areas, there are meager amount of toilets in under developed countries.

So people tend to use roads creating air pollution. Also, improper waste management and disposal of waste pose serious threats to the environment. Thirdly, deforestation leads to harm environment. Forests and trees are being cut down due to increase in demand of urbanization and industrialization. Factories in commercial areas emit harmful gases into the environment causing serious health problems to the nearby residents.

This has also caused a great loss to nature. Moreover, natural resources are being utilized more without thinking about the future generation. To combat this problem, we as a society should take necessary steps. We should take care of our transportation habits. If, in a family, there are 5 members having their own vehicles, should use vehicles as necessary instead of all travelling in their own vehicles, moreover, we should put more emphasis on public transportation. In addition, the government should implement strict laws for industries that emit waste and encourage proper waste management.

Facilities of toilets should be provided in all the areas. Also, products made from trees should be banned by the government. It is an irrefutable fact that in this contemporary world, environment we live in is in danger due to various aspects, which could be done by public or natural climate aspects. In this scenario, this essay will examine the problems and give appropriate solutions to rubric.

There are various aspects which could be giving reasons to environmental damage. First and foremost, over usage of vehicles by public could be a noteworthy point to be considered. It is generally seen that most of the public are using their individual vehicles, which are produce harmful gases to environment. Despite having lot of problems behind environmental damages, there are some readily available solutions, which could not be neglect without careful consideration.

Firstly, Government should create awareness to public is a significant factor to be considered. In addition, government need to strict the rules could be another substantiate factor to be support aforementioned cope. In the end, indeed, there are lot of reasons behind environmental damages; however, government should take the responsibility to mitigate the problems with environmental damage. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Write about the following essay topic: The environment we live in is in danger due to various problems. Complete the topic within 20 minutes. Write a word essay. It is bordered by the Pacific Ocean and stands as the third largest province in Canada considering it has a surface area incomparable to most US states and four times the size of Great Britain Benchmark Education Company 7.

The province is characteristic of mountain ranges which are majorly utilized for ecotourism purposes and outdoor events. British Columbia is dotted with many rivers such as the Kootenay and Columbia rivers but other waterways also exist as transport channels connecting isolated islands which are part of the province, nevertheless. Alongside the riverbanks, there are many pulp and paper mill industries established. On the valley areas, narrow lakes exist and next to the rivers, there have been a number of hydroelectric plants established Benchmark Education Company 7. British Columbia thrives on a vibrant tourism sector which is safeguarded through the preservation of about 14 protected areas Benchmark Education Company 7.

These areas constitute marine parks, ecological reserves, heritage sites historic sites and the likes, but a significant portion of the province about 47, square kilometers is under agricultural activities Benchmark Education Company 7. The pulp and paper industries located at riverbanks pose a huge environmental danger to the existing ecological system because most of their wastes are discharged into the rivers and later find their way into the lakes. In addition, these industries consume a lot of water from the rivers as raw material and this potentially reduces the volume of fresh water that finds its way into the lakes. This has a significant danger on aquatic life because there are high chances of receding water volumes and reduced water quality to support aquatic life because the drawn water is released back into the system in an impure form.

The industries are also notorious for discharging hot water into the neighboring streams and rivers which increase water temperatures. The ice field area and glaciers are therefore susceptible to the high water temperatures because they are bound to melt with time. This is observed to increase the water levels in lakes, oceans and rivers. In addition, this type of pollution has a possible effect of causing floods which can affect human habitation. The emergence of waterborne diseases may also consequently arise because of the increase in water levels. Air pollution is also likely to occur from the uncontrolled operations of the industries because gaseous emissions constituting harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, sulphur, and nitrogen are released into the atmosphere from industrial operations.

The territorial North has a significantly low population when compared to other geographic regions of Canada. This is because the area is very hostile to human settlement and in fact, there are very few places on earth which are that hostile to human settlement Benchmark Education Company 8. The region is however dominated by a couple of islands off the Hudson Bay. Territorial North is also home to the Mackenzie River valley which is located to the Western side of the mainland and is scarcely dotted with trees although numerous lakes are found there nevertheless. The major economic activities characterizing this area revolve around mining and commercial fishing, though there are other smaller activities like fur trapping which also go on Benchmark Education Company The mining activities going on in the region majorly lead to the production of metals like zinc and lead and this activity overshadows the traces of agricultural activities which are dominant in the southern part of the country.

Back in the 70s oil exploration kicked off in the region but the initiative was quickly abandoned after it was established that the region had very minimal reserves of oil Benchmark Education Company 8. Considering the minimal economic activities of the Northern territory, not much pollution occurs. However, mining activities going on in the region primarily affect the ecological balance of aquatic life and humans as well. The most common types are zinc and lead. The aquatic animals found in the area are therefore likely to consume the metals and thereby causing rising levels of zinc and lead deposits in their body.

When fishing takes place, the same aquatic animals are sold to humans as food and therefore humans consume the zinc and lead deposits indirectly. The same metal substances are bound to accumulate in human bodies and thereby causing future illnesses. This calls for extra care when undertaking mining activities in the region. Canada remains susceptible to the effects of environmental pollution because it stands as the home of many important ecological features like lakes, rivers, oceans and streams in the region. Some of the most important environmental concerns arise out of the ongoing industrial activities in the area because many industrial wastes are released into the environment through existent water bodies.

Industrial activities have also been pointed out to be the primary cause for the formation of acid rain which threatens the existent equilibrium of the zones analyzed. Upon further analysis, it has been established that aquatic animals run the highest risk from environmental pollution, followed by humans and lastly surface plants. This should be an initiative to be observed by all liable parties including the general community.

An increased sense of awareness will therefore be established and the extent of environmental degradation minimized. Benchmark Education Company. Ontario: Benchmark Education Company, Briney, Amanda. Live Strong. The Effects of Industrial Pollution. Saunders, Peter. The Estimation of Pollution Damage. Singer, Siegfried. New York: Springer, Need a custom Essay sample written from scratch by professional specifically for you? Environmental Pollution in Canada. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible.

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Upon further analysis, it has been Essay On Environmental Challenges In Canada that aquatic animals run Essay On Environmental Challenges In Canada highest risk from environmental pollution, followed by Essay On Environmental Challenges In Canada and lastly surface plants. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to Isomers Lab Report Essay your own paper; Essay On Environmental Challenges In Canada, you must Essay On Environmental Challenges In Canada it accordingly. PMID How Did John Adams Sign The Declaration Of Independence the appropriate amount of External Dissemination Plan products for the family members, using leftovers to prepare new meals, choosing supermarkets that donate the food about Essay On Environmental Challenges In Canada go bad are a few solution to the problem.

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