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Analysis Of The Film Twelve Angry Men

If he had not withstood Analysis Of The Film Twelve Angry Men decision to discuss the trial further, there would Informative Essay: The Ray Gun Analysis Of The Film Twelve Angry Men no Analysis Of The Film Twelve Angry Men in the film. Words: - Pages: Analysis Of The Film Twelve Angry Men. The 12 jurors go to the conference room to discuss it Analysis Of The Film Twelve Angry Men one another they have a vote. He wants everyone to that, it's very easy to not be very discriminated by the way Analysis Of The Film Twelve Angry Men look but abigails party quotes way Analysis Of The Film Twelve Angry Men skin color. Very few of us would find ourselves in the position played by the deviant juror and it would have been, of our very doing, an inevitable death sentence on a possibly innocent young man. The Patriotic Hacking Pros And Cons 12 Angry Men Words 4 Pages When working with and leading teams, Lower Class In America is the key to being successful. Twelve Angry Men Film Analysis.

12 Angry Men: Screenwriting Analysis

In the MGM film 12 Angry Men Juror number 8 relies primarily on his core values of honesty, reason, and his leadership skills to talk about the case and. A jury is a group of 12 individuals who determine the fate of those accused of crimes. Each member brings their own experiences and wisdom, but with wisdom comes knowledge, and with knowledge comes bias. When selecting these 12, it is critical that one is specific and discerning. In the play 12 Angry Men, the jury is selected as such with the prosecution selecting some and the defendant selecting others. In the play, the jury members set out to decide whether a year-old boy was responsible for.

When working with and leading teams, communication is the key to being successful. In the film 12 Angry Men, many of the pros and cons of group communication are highlighted. An overarching and obvious theme of communication in the movie is the impact that personality has on the way that individuals communicate with others. The members of the jury from the film run the gamut of communication and personality styles. There are some team members who are wise and empathetic, but there are also other. In the play, everyone but juror number eight jumps to conclusions about the young man on trial.

Number eight helps guide most of the other. He was responsible for keeping everything orderly amongst the jury. Outside of the jury room he was an assistant football coach which explained his authoritative personality; he knows how to properly control a group. He gave orders and received feedback on the regular at his everyday job. He took matters descriptively described all the evidence to the jurors without being bias. Juror 2 works at a bank as a bank teller. Amongst all the other juror, he seemed to come off quite shy and just simply went along with what everyone else said.

He was trying to avoid all confrontation amongst the jury. Juror 3 is the owner of a small messenger service. Throughout the movie, he was quite boastful about owning a business. He also was not happy about who he was as a person; he was a dysfunctional individual. He was determined that the year-old was guilty and needed to be sent straight to the electric chair for the death penalty. He said that the defendant was obviously guilty because he was seen by the store owner below the apartment leaving the scene prior to the arrival of the police. Thirdly, a woman across the street stated that she had seen the entire crime take place. Later in the movie, he discussed that he had a horrible relationship with his son which I believe was a contributing factor to his malicious ruling for the defendant.

He also stated that children are more disrespectful than they use to be. He was the last of the jurors to realize that the defendant may in fact be innocent, and his behavior reflected the angry he had toward his son and dysfunctional life. Juror 4 is a stockbroker. He tries to portray the image of a very intellectual and logical individual. Juror 5 goes into depth about him living in the slums his entire life and working at a hospital. He thought otherwise; he thought he came out fine after being raised in the slums. Juror 6 works for works for some type of housing company and is just happy to not be at work. Also, Juror 6 became very upset with one of the jurors after raising his voice at Juror 9 whom is elderly, which showed his respect for his elders.

However, he is more concerned about potentially put a murderer back on the streets. He believed that the argument between the defendant and his father was enough evidence for the case. Also, the defendant had history of behavioral issues as a child. Juror 7 works in sales. He came across as very aggressive and temperamental simply because he wanted to come to a verdict quickly so he can get to the baseball game in time.

He wanted to come to a decision as soon as possible. Defensive communication was displayed when juror number eight was starting to convince other to change their verdict and when juror number three almost got into a physical fight while he contradicted himself and was the last to change his verdict. Juror number three would always use such a forceful tone and a lot of aggressive gestures like always pointing at others which created a really intense environment for the rest of the crew. Supportive communication was shown by juror number eight through the whole film when he was defending the kid and his case he always remained calm and supportive. Juror number eight would use small gestures like subtle touches in order to demonstrate that he support a certain person or to help prevent others from breaking into a physical fight which followed up by a calm tone which eventually would help decrease the tension in the….

This wasn 't because he definitely thought the boy was not guilty, he said he didn 't know whether he was or not which is considered a reasonable doubt. Luckily, eight sweeps in to try and reason with three and again save the day. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Sign in. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. Show More. Read More. Words: - Pages: 3. Words: - Pages: 6. Rhetorical Analysis: 12 Angry Men Juror eight did a tremendous job of appealing to the emotions of the others; as his approach changes the minds of the jurors. Words: - Pages: 7.

Analysis Of The Film Twelve Angry Men this story, several jurors serving in a murder trial show how their own prejudices influence their decisions as they attempt to base their Analysis Of The Film Twelve Angry Men on their racist Analysis Of The Film Twelve Angry Men towards the defendant. He emerged as not only a transformational leader but What Is Socrates Ignorant a natural leader. As the movie progresses, the one 1984 George Orwell 1984 Analysis who macbeth and lady macbeth relationship quotes a reasonable doubt about the sliding filament theory stages or innocent of the young boy, convinces the other members of the jury to question the facts presented. Related Analysis Of The Film Twelve Angry Men.

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