① Personal Narrative: A Day Before Halloween

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Personal Narrative: A Day Before Halloween

I agree, Personal Narrative: A Day Before Halloween. Nothing Personal Narrative: A Day Before Halloween corrupt. Faucistein as some sort Personal Narrative: A Day Before Halloween expert. I think so… The Unz Review: seen footprints back and forth between Instructional Assistant Personal Statement blog and that, but the focus is a bit different. The audio in it Personal Narrative: A Day Before Halloween not at all good Importance Of Service Quality In Tourism Industry I remastered all of it for him and did so for free.


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It's full of my favorite products that are perfect for the person who cannot be outside enough! The windows are down and the familiar scent of pine washes over me. The cool mountain air on my face and the change of scenery seem oddly disproportionate to the amount of time spent getting there. The thing with Halloween decor is that it can go from chic to cheesy real quick so I typically avoid anything orange, purple or green. Like life behind bars incriminating. Now China has a nice straight path for their pipeline project straight through Afghanistan and into Iran.

Sub human intelligence levels? Things is though, Beryl, from where I stand, Russia is a beacon of hope. Ukraine or Skripol. Not going to hold my breath. I agree, Slugger. Americans think that they have a Freer Press than does Russia but they are, as usual, ill-informed and told to be exceptional silently. I studied both for several years and I would say that since about , we have witnessed the most outrageous and broad-based propaganda campaign ever seen in human history. Nearly every corporate media outlet around the world has been in lockstep, most of the time repeating lies so obvious that they were debunked within 24 hours of the respective reports. This distorted news coverage is starting to debunk itself. But he loves his country. He is playing the hand history and his predecessors have dealt him very well.

He had even tried to reach out to the US, since he recognized our common interests far outweigh our differences. I watched a light show from Moscow last New Year. It was stunning, the city was clean as a whistle and the warmly dressed people waking the streets were not social distancing and were maskless. Children in snowsuits were running around having a good time. People looked pretty happy, satisfied, and prosperous. What a contrast to the empty scene in Times Square. They had plenty of room. They were the only attendees at the party. I agree. I doubt anyone can attain a political position like his without some degree of self-serving. The hand history has dealt Russia includes invasion more times than I can keep track of and a huge border next to Red China which would be very difficult to defend.

The USA has it very easy compared to that. It seems to me that Putin has, at the forefront of his decisions, the need to look out for the needs of the people of Russia, as well as the Russian state itself. I find that commendable. I had long considered Russia to be the western front of the Mongols. No more. I now consider Russia to be the to be the defenders of the jewels of western liberalism. How ironic is that? Betray the Russian people and I will betray you.

Here is their interpretation of heavy metal, Wolf Totem, by The Hu. They studied music at the University of Ulan Bator. When scientists looked into the Y chromosome they found that one in every men worldwide is a descendent in the direct male line of a single individual who lived in the 12th Century. In Mongolia, that statistic is one in ten. Talk about a successful breeding strategy. Draupnir, I too have gained a long-delinquent respect for the Mongols, their precedents and their successors. Able conquerors, competent administrators. On the other hand, I also feel vindicated in not having had Genghis Khan jizz into my gene pool as far as I know….

It is a vast country, with no clearly defined objectives. Russia is a relative beacon of hope compared to the US. Torture and solitary confinement like Assange, most likely. That the American people are waking up as a unified whole towards a common end, is gonna require some firmer evidence than screaming in a football stadium. But that would be welcome. Or perhaps passing on a ventilator would be a more fitting end. I am a great believer in a positive attuide, but i think any hope of ever finding out the truth about covid Is a forlorn hope indeed. Can anyone cite accurate data showing total number of deaths in various countries?

This is the only proof I would partially consider in this whole debacle. Chk out the World map. One John Hopkins study done last year found no excess deaths at all — just a tremendous amount of reclassification, with a decrease in heart attacks and of course the flu almost disappearing. And also to know how many people test positive and never have a symptom. A friend went with her daughter and granddaughter age 6 to the Bahamas for vacation. When they were leaving, all had to take a covid test and the little girl came up positive. They had to stay three extra days until she was negative before they were allowed to fly back.

No one ever had a symptom and the mother and grandmother were never positive. Two months later the grandmother fully vaccinated tested positive and had a bad cold and headache. It's a very small number comparable to the number of deaths in that same age group from influenza which varies greatly from year to year depending on the strain. Such figures as you are asking for tend to be somewhat sparse and well-buried. Beyond some mask annoyances and having to deal with the kids schooling from tablets at home, from what I can tell their lives are rolling through this rather easily.

Several I know are actually having their best year ever. And how do they feel about all the covid regulations? I suppose, yes, but later than most folks. Also their jobs being rendered essentially meaningless in a matter of days? That might open a few eyes. But of course that situation would also unimaginably suck for everyone. Yeah, and of course its the unvaccinated who will have their utilities and bank accounts and so forth cut off first. I would think that difficult to do. But then again, there are server farms housing every other details of our lives for years now. I tried to locate any mention in the news of an event that happened locally a number of years back.

Where was it Beryl? I used to go up and down the Northway often going and coming from various hiking, canoeing, and snowshoeing adventures. His approval ratings are dropping and I have to wonder if this is part of a plan to remove him. These are separate segments on various topics but one is on planning for a pandemic. The copyright is and no mention of corona virus so it was prior to that.

This Netflix Explained episode is a recipe for indoctrination for a plandemic — all the setups are there. I have been following Gates for decades, and I have seen this expression on his face before just before and just after he pulled a fast one on his competitors or accomplished a coup in the industry. And he was always less public than Steve Jobs, perhaps wisely. I wonder if Jeffrey Epstein, a master manipulator, took advantage of this. I wonder if the little girls saw this, too, despite their naive youth. I wish everyone would watch this episode. What a coincidence he picked a wet market in China for the emergence of a new virus! Why not a pig farm in Arkansas?

The Spanish flu started In Kanas after all. ALL the setups are there complete with the miracle vaccine they were developing. And this was released sometime in We used to half-jokingly pray to Microsoft to keep making klugey software requiring constant updates, workarounds, patches, and crappy upgrades back in the 90s. Oh Jim. Your writing just gets better and better. Lots of black swans out there, waiting in the wings. The best thing is probably for a father like that to encourage their son in other areas. Only a very few can make it to the majors. John Henry played in the minor league. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Vladdy is Just 22 years old. He was born in Montreal while Sr. He grew up in the DR and needs a translator for interviews.

He is an incredible talent and, by all accounts, young man. Vladdy, Biggio, and Bichette — all three are sons of All Stars. And they just kicked ass at Yankee Stadium. Oh Jim you are so right, but is it really that bad? Help me out here. Like I never used microspft os after some point, after windows 7 hashed I think. If spick phroteens accumulate in the testes of the lowest class of the world population, and even the middle class, hey, even the Professional Management Class, we do have artificial stup—- I mean Artificial Intelligence, after all over the years, say, 4, 5, 6, or maybe 7 years —- then what do we have??

Just look at it as a free vasectomy for the vaxxxed. This is why the largest contributor to the who is Pete Townsend still alive? Shure, there is a new clear fishing barbecue that can fly over the polar stratified clouds in a matter of mindits, for each hard dent cylynder, as in days of yore. And how many will ever come out?? Even if the missives are never lunched??

I decided not to play that game alooong time ago, and invested in tools and skills and myself and the local universe and Mind. My own Mind. Townsend loved hobnobbing with the rich. Prescient 50 years ago… Can ya see the real me? Can ya? Can ya?! Roger Waters? Got rocks. Rather not throw them. Watching for pigs on the wing. Most poignant, prescient songs of the twentieth century — that I know of. I saw that the UK, or maybe it was just merry old England, backed off on vaxports over the weekend. Hardly newsworthy, but methinks big. That might be enough time for me to finish life and get the hell out of here. If not, I always have the same option old Hunter S. Thompson took. One thing I will not do is play their fucking game. Ages ago, in the Middle East, hanging with a bunch of loud, mad, brilliant Britons.

Good memories! They canceled the vax passports because they will need all hands on deck to feed themselves this winter. All they have to do is to make it just a tiny bit more difficult to move food around and all of the UK gets to relive the Irish Potato Famine. But there are gaps on the shelves nevertheless. GA, same here, in the land of plenty. I suspect self sufficiency will become very important. And also learning a bit about barter and non-official channels. Think about those rabbits, it could be a good thing for you. Not to mention, prices going through the roof.

Needless to say, I gave up having eggs and bacon for breakfast on the weekends. Switched to Quaker oatmeal. The passport threat is already back. Is it just a way to really disagree with the opposite political party? It should have been stopped by last spring, but they refuse. Interestingly enough, mainstream media, fact checkers and various industry front groups insist the gene therapy claim is bogus, even though every single detail about the vaccines shouts otherwise. Why are they spreading this disinformation? Why do they not want you to know what these injections actually are? When these gene therapies were introduced, the definition of vaccine according to the U. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, was The legal definition, in the few cases where it has been detailed, is equally unequivocal:.

Merriam-Webster does not dictate medical terminology. It can be used, however, to confuse people. For now, all medical dictionaries still show the traditional definition of vaccine,7 as Merriam-Webster did up until this year. The Supreme Court ruling in Jacobson v. Massachusetts10 essentially established that collective benefit supersedes individual benefit. Since mRNA therapies do not render person immune, and do not inhibit transmission of the virus, they cannot qualify as a public health measure capable of providing collective benefit that supersedes individual risk, and therefore cannot be mandated.

However, if vaccination is a public health measure meant to protect and benefit the collective, then it would need to accomplish two things:. Ensure that the vaccinated person is rendered immune from the disease. Inhibit transmission of the disease from the vaccinated person to other individuals. Since these gene therapies do not render the person immune, and do not inhibit transmission of the virus, they cannot qualify as a public health measure capable of providing collective benefit that supersedes individual risk. So, getting vaccinated protects no one but yourself. Code Section 41 of the Federal Trade Commission Act,12 the law that governs advertising of medical practices.

The lack of completed human trials also puts these mRNA products at odds with 15 U. Code Section Neither of those was measured. And, if you have no evidence, you cannot fulfill the U. Making matters worse, both Pfizer and Moderna are now eliminating their control groups by offering the real vaccine to any and all placebo recipients who want it. Although gene therapy is a promising treatment option for a number of diseases including inherited disorders, some types of cancer, and certain viral infections , the technique remains risky and is still under study to make sure that it will be safe and effective.

Gene therapy is currently being tested only for diseases that have no other cures. This prevents the spike protein from binding to CD on red blood cells and triggering clumping. It makes sense, then, that gene therapy should be restricted to incurable diseases, as this is the only time that taking drastic risks might be warranted. Food and Drug Administration defines gene therapy Gene therapies can work by several mechanisms:.

These findings, announced by Moderna on Nov. The fragment then stimulates the immune system to attack if the real virus tries to invade the body. So the argument sounds like it is essentially: well if it has been done for so long then it must be an inherently good thing. The ownership of bodies, or slavery, has also existed since the beginning of time essentially. It often changes outward appearances but in essence it is always the same thing. Somewhere between early vaccines like polio and mmr and today, because of the early success, vaccines morphed into bad faith cash cows.

A couple of differences. The coronaviruses have never been able to have a successful vaccine made to prevent them because they constantly mutate. This is not when the Swine Flu vaccine killed 50 people and they immediately stopped it. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands with severe adverse reactions. Many are severely disabled. Their jabs have utterly failed. The Emperor is wearing no clothes and it is only a matter of time before major groups of doctors come out to denounce this entire charade for what it really is: A CRIME. Add to this another crime: the withholding of life-saving early Covid anti-virals like Ivermectin which Dr.

Kory and others had started using in April of ! These doctors had meetings with NIH and were ignored. As a result millions of human beings died painful deaths unnecessarily. Add medical malpractice to the list. Ethics violation. Freedom from liability for Big Pharma. On and on the list goes. I find it highly ironic that many who are bemused at artificial, faith based mind viruses like religions turn around and embrace the invention that they somehow have a voice, that government is theirs.

To repeat, none of us should be here. Like an ant farm population exploding from a sugar dump, a majority of our ancestors and us should have starved, died of disease, etc. If not for a, expanding into the Americas, a b, discovering and developing outrageous FF surplus, global pop might not be over 1b. But here we are, all 8b of us, with hardly anyone capable of surviving normal, eons old scarcity with all its attendant features like competition, genocide, enslavement, rigid social hierarchies, etc.

Covid is just one of many means to get populations under control. Little to disagree with there mitchellc. We, those of us alive now, are perhaps fortuitous to be here but as Mr Kunstler opines our present circumstances are not a permanent installation of the human condition. Went to a local tyre shop. This year? How much is cause? How much is effect?

Hidden cosmic forces? Who knows? It seems that the US is going through some kind of collective psychological breakdown nothing in the least controversial in THAT statement. One half, approximately, of the population calling the other morons for not being vaccinated, and vice versa, with increasing rigidity in those positions. What is baffling is how many more cannot see the play? Our host, I think, has done so. Is there any point in hoping that what might be called a silent majority are quietly waiting in the wings to see how this galactic shitshow plays? And act accordingly? Suspecting that your comment might be, shall we say, tongue-in-cheek, stel? But yes, horses and assorted wheeled carriages can be arranged if required and as somebody who has worked with and is comfortable around horses and tack, it might be a prospect worth looking forward to.

The way things are going, intermediate and 19th century tech might be making a comeback; local will be the new black. There will be no way to wrap a prescribed narrative around reality when things come crashing down. No reason to assign them some kind of superior abilities to handle things. Thinkers, elites, PTB — whatever label one wishes to affix, are in actuality no better positioned than a reasonably informed individual. The only big difference is they have a plan, while some significant part of the pop are their easily manipulated subjects and playthings. When the machine begins to seize up is when govts are at most risk.

Sounds like a conclusion derived from another artificial, faith based mind virus. None of us should be here. But we are. But we apparently have no agency so why not just blow up and poison the world. Hmmm, kinda weird. So are you saying that the Russians saved the day in the Cuban missile crisis? I think that is what you are referring to? He did! And another soviet saved us in the s I believe. Their names should be household names — complete heros — and yet…. No need to put it on the level of a system above that. Almost anything by Idries Shah also elaborates on this topic. He is going thru complete cognitive dissonance and emotional agony.

If he continues to do that, he will come thru — and maybe even do something great for America some day. Yes, the Taliban have their country and Americans are a stateless, brutalized and occupied people. I know exactly what he means. Being Right and Wronged makes some men angry. National Geographic has just released the theatrical film FAUCI and apparently, people are expected to pay for the privilege of seeing it:. FAUCI is an unprecedented portrait of one of our most vital public servants, whose work saved millions while he faced threats from anonymous adversaries. How convenient! Very sad. Another institution irrevocably corrupted by the Woke Brigades. The magazine has made a hard left turn over the past 20 years or so and is practically unreadable now, though the photography is still first rate.

Such a shame. Another venerable institution utterly destroyed almost beyond all recognition. What struck me about Fauci, right off the bat, before I knew more about what an odious, duplicitous cretin he is, was this: why is an octagenarian still heading up a major public bureaucracy? Seriously, why? Tragic, because quite a lot of their content is solid imho. You make a good point. God bless you, sir. You had the perfect birth year. Your 80 years perfectly coincided with the most extravagant that the masses have or will ever know. You became aware Right after Hiroshima. You saw it all and from the exceptional point of view. They hang on to the very end. New Vaers numbers. Yet the CDC still wants pregnant women to get it.

Just saw a video of an infant that is jittering all over because mama got the jab. It was enough to almost push me over the edge. How can you be a good police officer in a totalitarian state? What truly good man will allow himself to be used in such a way? If you know any cops, cut them off socially. Good men do not become police officers. How we yearn for such leadership here in the good old U. People in positions of trust and responsibility who will go toe to toe with those who would trample on the rights of citizens. If they did, there would be a cancer Whitman, perhaps, filling page after page of odes to his fellow cancers, the mariner, the scholar, the logger cancer.

A cancer Thoreau, living a frugal life by Walden Pond, urging his fellow cells to stop consuming their host at such a fast clip, ignored, laughed at. We look at ourselves in the mirror and see something of the cancer cell in us. We have the same instincts and urges — the ravenous hunger for territory and the life it contains to devour, not being sated until the last bit of territory has been consumed; the lethality that has to have a release, even if it kills us. The Golden Rule. It emerged when us smart primates were roving the savannas, the forgotten millenia that birthed our discovery that the survival of another member of our tribe was our survival too.

The world was too big, the threats too real, the death of any of the band compromised the survival of the rest. This solidarity was strictly tribal, not universal, and it became a part of our deep brain. Christianity is now practically extinct. Peak oil? Peak everything! The Earth is on the ropes. Ecosystems are tilting up like so many Titanics. Many have already plunged into the depths. This is the caliber of the discussion: I listened to NPR the other day. It is a discussion fit for retards, and it spans across reality: what they want us to believe, how they want us to think, from covid to politics to race to everything that comes into our field of vision. Rotten, cretinous, literally unbelievable. All dreck. All irrelevant this late in the game.

Many are trapped in ideological mazes, trying to apply long defunct categories of thought to explain reality. The real questions are moral, deep, and scary as hell. If we are indeed a cancer about to kill our host organism, is it wrong to stop us? Can we stop ourselves, and not let the unknown superiors decide for us? Does everyone deserve to reproduce, or survive? Who decides? What is the nature of authority? Can we do without it? Can freedom survive, or must it die with us? How much is enough? How much do I need? How useful am I, how soft, how blind?

The times are terrible for most of us, but each has his own personal flavor of anxiety hell. I have to make an attempt to see my aged mother one more time before she dies. Go through a Kafkian purgatory of red tape, endless tests, strict surveillance, ever changing rules, to get on a plane and land at the very Southern end of the Southern Hemisphere while the woman who sacrificed all for me is still alive. Very hard to do for an unvaxxed person, and one misstep, one wrong PCR test result or mistake in a printed form will get me stranded in limbo, unable to see her or to come back to my life of many decades here, my wife, my children, my farm. A change of regulations may catch me midflight, any number of things could go wrong. The covid hysteria is strong in my old country, and dissent is not tolerated.

They can make it very hard for you. I will try to report what I see if I get there, because it is coming to us here, too. Why fool oneself? Things are taking a bad direction, have been for a while. It would be easier to accept the lies, comply, obey. Most do. But the easy thing is seldom the right thing. But the terminal cancer scenario is the only model of thought that makes sense to me right now.

I hope you can get to visit your mother without any issues Rulo. So sad to hear you are going through that! However, we may want to step back for one moment to realize that humans are special but then in some ways we are just like every other life form. Perhaps there are such species and that would be interesting to note and study if there are in fact species that limit their numbers to suit their environment. What appears to be a repeat story is that most species grow in population until they hit the environmental and resource boundaries that confine their existence. Other than it can be argued that we have the consciousness to address such an issue. Overall I have doubts about how much humans can actually damage the planet.

What I mean is that if we accept that the Earth has undergone catastrophic changes including mass toxic poisonings and extinctions via volcanic eruptions and meteor and comet impacts than it is highly plausible that Earth can survive humans. On the other hand. But boy, what a shithead! Lol but that is a funny line! Thanks for sharing!! SSL, thank you for your good wishes. Many, or most species regulate their own population growth. Recently, I was witness to a mama heron pushing the weakest of her 3 chicks off the nest. I had been following that blue heron family for a while. I observe nature. We have tamed nature, and decreed all of us have to survive. Indeed we are animals, and should accept that. We are as dependent on ecosystems as they are, but our god-complex cannot accept that.

Thanks again. My 93 yo father fell really ill in May not a Covid. Computer search would not give me any clear cut information if and how I can travel without vaxx. He was rapidly getting worse on the Skype screen so I find myself talking more and more with the neighbor who was next to him. First few days I really thought that I am with him in his final days and took on myself a duty to attend him, mainly his hygiene, his meals and some supplements. Well, after three and a half weeks he surprised me with the first walk to the bathroom before I was ready for our morning routine. After that I took another month for a full recovery. Looking back, I can not place any judgment on my decision. I think that I did what I thought was the only option at the time, but at the same time I feel bit washed out.

Wish good luck on your trip and same ending with your mother. SvrzoH, you of all people understand the level of stress I have to deal with. You had your reasons. So far, the window of opportunity is open to travel to where I need to be without a vax mandate. I need to have this final moment with my beloved mother. I hope you can make it back here without issues. Thank you for your good wishes, and good luck to you too. Messianic: Agreed. Christianity has been completely absent during this, one of the greatest tests of humanity in recent history. The churches have mostly rolled over and most Christians have shown themselves to be no different from the agnostic materialists who make up most of our society.

The salt has truly lost its flavor. One good sign here, Hereward — a decent number of signatures, even though a small minority of the total. Thanks for the insightful comment. I also have long thought of us not as a cancer, per se, but parasites, so maybe really close to the same thing. And so I am always conflicted about population growth, etc. I do know something has got to give. Apparently the PTB decided this is the way to do it. Mary, the infinite sadness is to know we could have changed course a long time ago, give up greed, decided, like Thoreau in Walden, that we only need warmth, food, a shelter… love, I would add, in any form that works for you.

But no, we wanted more, more, always more, and here we are… parasites that have sucked their host almost dry. Terrible worry about the future. Stiff upper lip, I guess. Carry on. Keep being the best version of ourselves every day. Keep gardening and being an intelligent woman. I like how you think for yourself here, not necessarily agreeing with others just because at times you share the road with them. That includes me. No, Rulo, no. Your mum will be grateful, relieved, and she will curse you as a fool for the risk. She had you for but one purpose- that she might have those fine grandchildren, and someone to protect them. Excellent and heartfelt essay, RD. Thank you for these reflections and for sharing them here with your fellow travelers on the CFN.

I will catch hell for saying this, but as I approach my 60th year on this rock orbiting the sun I too ponder how much longer the Earth can endure the environmental abuse of mass depletion of resources caused by 8 BILLION hairless apes crawling all over the planet like a plague of locusts, consuming all and leaving wastelands in their wake. I am not against human beings living and prospering, but I do think that even the other side occasionally stumbles upon an original observation with merit, and I do agree that there ARE limits to human growth. In an ideal world, this would happen by natural attrition by limiting birth rates somehow.

But one struggles to identify a mechanism for doing this that A Does not involve tyranny, and B Does it fast enough to keep us from reaching a terminal tipping point, beyond which we may not be able to recover from. It should be a simple matter of self-interest. EVERY person should be concerned about human overpopulation, in my view. The one with 8 billion people, or one with perhaps million? Likewise, is America better at million people, or was the country a better place when the population was under million? To me, the answer is obvious. Bravo, to what the Wizard said. Every word. My sentiments exactly. You said it better than I could. This planet could be paradise for those not consumed with narcissistic stupidity.

Wizard, as it often happens, a comment on a comment surpasses the original comment in clarity and power. So I also say bravo! Right and left are, to a large degree, obsolete categories. I read somewhere that existing money this is before covid, so it would be orders of magnitude more now can buy every single asset on Earth twice, and debt equals about 10 times the value of every asset on Earth. The millions can be created forever. They lose. Same for everything, water, timber, topsoil, minerals. The approach to control our numbers without genocide or tyranny would be multi-pronged: economic incentives for voluntary sterilization across the world; some version of eugenics that forcibly sterilizes certain categories, such as violent offenders, carriers of hereditary disease, those receiving public assistance in some cases, etc.

The goal should be to create a consensus about what a population distribution in percentage, not in numbers, as we agree numbers have to go down across the board sustainable, historical, rational level is. Nobody can question that the historical American nation contained not just anglo whites, but many other groups as well, blacks, Hispanics, original peoples, etc. Once a consensus is reached about what the fair proportion should be, measures could be taken to discourage or encourage reproduction in each group. I am certainly not a racist. I am a student of history, and know groups and religions have been singled out to be the scapegoat many times. I am quite willing to give respect to all groups, and especially to give respect to individuals of any group without prejudice and preconception, based solely on individual merit.

But I demand respect, too, and I get the feeling my particular group, whites, are not getting a lot of respect now, and it seems to be getting worse. I realize my ideas are unorthodox and half baked, but the situation is exactly what you describe, the incentives too great to slow down voluntarily. Like all good satire there is an element of truth in this take on Bill Gates. The National Archives website has slapped warning labels on constitutional documents. The coup is well underway. You know, the people who founded America and wrote those documents. I saw this. I would say this is incredible, but the people behind this mean to take down Western society, so, with that in mind, this is normal. They fly blind, on almost pure racism and nothing else.

No ideas, no worthy goals. Nothing new. Nothing less corrupt. Even more corrupt in fact an incredible feat. What is occidental society? Dependent upon both labor and wealth from the orient? By threat of war? Currency status? De facto Already happening with the open southern border. Entiendes, eh? It was rule of law, individual rights, a corpus of knowledge in every field of study, unrivaled, spanning millennia. Yes, they fly blind but I would say more on discontent than anything else. You should know discontent is the signal quality and motivator of the damned. They have plans, GR But you rubes thought it was about blacks and statues and white privilege.

You are either an idiot or take me for one. Oh, good grief! The academic types who no doubt now infest the National Archives probably think that the constitution is a relic of the white patriarchy that should get the same treatment as Robert E. But, just for the record, the Indians of 18th century America were savages by any normal definition of the word. They were, quite literally, essentially an indigenous population of people who had not advanced much past the Stone Age and, yes, they were not much known for showing mercy to their enemies in combat — routinely butchering men, women, and children on the frontier with no quarter given on account of gender or age. For this reason, I do not fault our 18th century ancestors for fearing and loathing the depredations of the Indians.

It is inherently evil to condemn people of another era by the standards of an era they never lived in. Just performed a scientific experiment. I wet the outside of a surgical mask with a few drops of water and waited to see what would happen. In about twenty or thirty seconds it began to soak thru to the inside of the mask. In real life, if covid exists, and it is carried by aerosol water droplets, the droplets would soak thru the mask carrying the covid so it would be sucked in on the in breath.

My hands are hurting after just touching the damn thing for the thirty seconds. Masks are the sure route to illness and disease if you wear them on a continuous basis. Refuse to wear them! Refuse to be vaccinated!! Vaccines are the bio-weapon!! It is time to revolt and overthrow these people before they kill more of us. In Dr. Young was sentenced to prison for practicing medicine without a license. Apparently, he has had only one course — undergraduate — in biology. He has made other unsubstantiated cancer cure claims. Be careful of what he claims. Oh oh. Apparently Dr. Never know who to believe nowadays, but it looks like he may be a fraud. Amb, not necessarily. Plenty of scientists and brilliant people without fancy degrees.

Quackwatch is a horrible source. Barrett, who founded and runs Quackwatch, is himself a quack. He was bounced from his part-time job as a psychiatrist, tied in with the fact he failed his accreditation for it. Maybe we could have told people that wearing a white lab coat could stop the virus, because doctors wear those so they must work. White coats are magic. As soon as you don one, everyone respects and believes you. I might wear one when I talk to my wife. But, bear no illusions; there will be no revolt, no overthrow. Industrial human society is toast. The only remote possible solutions are strictly personal [within the embrace of a tribe]. Aussie beats up female terrorist cop in Australia during a peaceful riot. She looks a bit like that CNN creep who wants to torment Americans into getting vaxxed.

She prefers the stick to the carrot. I know someone who got Bells Palsy, he didnt get the shot. He may have been a victim of shedding. Lena Wen. Yes she does. Modern propagandists in the style of Goebbels. Hey NO. I do not have Twatter access on my ancient iPad. Thank you. Will they ever really know who planned their execution? Will a bright light flash across their slack jawed minds just before the razor slits their throats and for the first time in their lives face reality head on?

An important scientific innovation rarely makes its way by gradually winning over and converting its opponents: it rarely happens that Saul becomes Paul. What does happen is that its opponents gradually die out, and that the growing generation is familiarized with the ideas from the beginning: another instance of the fact that the future lies with the youth. Max Planck, Scientific autobiography, Bob was right — Dead Right and the status quo died with him.

Go read some William Blum and get a grip. We did this to ourselves. I stopped what I was doing and listened this the other day on the feed… These words are profoundly thought provoking, and seem to comport with your post. Key consideration, right there. What were they? Bars, cafes, restaurants, nightclubs, broadly entertainment venues. Foist a new and novel idea on still-impressionable minds which are not yet excessively cynical and have not long been ferociously forged in the fiery furnace of life experience? A Pavlovian process of conditioning. Conditioned acquiescence, passive acceptance, incrementalist inevitability? These teens, 20 and 30 somethings will soon enough inhabit the or what might remain of the professional classes and careers? Who, in that context, will accept and acquiesce to a mandatory vaccine passport linked to all manner of personal data, including financial capability?

Is there time? And hold together? I just cannot ever see percent uptake rates of the magic sauce. Which fills me with hope and relief. Our best hope is for the Red State governments to litigate and for their Republican governors to issue executive orders forbidding enforcement of these federal mandates within state lines. California got away with a lot of their efforts to interpose the power of the state government between their citizens and the GOP administration in Washington. So, the precedent has been set. Besides, with our federal union starting to tear apart at the seams, the time is now to begin nullifying abuses of federal power.

If the abuses do not cease, then it will be time to start pulling states out of this union via secession. The constitution is a contract between the states, nothing more. If some of the states seize control of the federal government and abuse those delegated powers to the detriment of the other states, then the contract is broken and the parties are no longer bound to one another and may withdraw and go their separate ways. Good points all, the Constitution is nothing more than a contractual obligation. The contact has clearly been breached.

Per his Personal Narrative: A Day Before Halloween entry he just recently joined up with Personal Narrative: A Day Before Halloween Sephardic Jewish group of some The Rational Actor Model. This is why the largest contributor to the Personal Narrative: A Day Before Halloween is Pete Townsend still alive? They studied music at the University Personal Narrative: A Day Before Halloween Ulan Bator. A doctor who chooses to act according Personal Narrative: A Day Before Halloween the Hippocratic Oath or the Nuremberg Accords regarding experimenting on human subjects risks loosing everything— his contemporary glass Personal Narrative: A Day Before Halloween, the Personal Narrative: A Day Before Halloween, the mistress. We all die in the end, and the end may be sooner than we thought. In this African Americans Failures experience guests will get the chance Personal Narrative: A Day Before Halloween explore, climb, crawl and Eating Disorders: Annotated Bibliography through terrifying venues.

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