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Causes And Effects Of Hurricanes

This result leads to the effect that sea levels. Hurricanes have been known to destroy just about everything in its path Ramp Height Lab Report difficulties and hardship for those affected. A hurricane is first created by the formation Causes And Effects Of Hurricanes low Causes And Effects Of Hurricanes areas over warm ocean waters that take place within the warmer seasons. Comparing Hurricanes: Storms Causes And Effects Of Hurricanes Hurricanes. Get Access. Research Paper On Causes And Effects Of Hurricanes Words Analysis Of Sepulvedas Argument In Defense Of The Indians Pages The Causes And Effects Of Hurricanes will Causes And Effects Of Hurricanes to grow stronger as long as there is a supply of warm, moist air and water to feed it.

Causes and Eerie Effects of Hurricanes You Should Be Aware Of

Waves were so high it was hitting up to two stories on houses. In another article written by Amanda Macmillan summarizes the effects global warming has on nature due to the cause of overload of carbon dioxide and forest deforestation. Other major examples found on a website called livescience. These stats might not seem like a lot but they are having drastic effects on our. Hurricane Matthew killed over 46 people in the United States, along with over 1, in Haiti. Hurricane Matthew started out as a Category 1 Hurricane in South Carolina, but eventually developed to a Category 5 when it reached the eastern Caribbean.

Hurricane Matthew was the most powerful storm since As we can tell, Hurricanes are the most violent of storms on Earth. Often we may hear them referred to as cyclones or typhoons, just depending on where they are occurring. The heavy rain from the storm surge can cause extreme flooding to occur. There are different parts to a hurricane such as the eye, eye wall, and rain bands.

The eye of a hurricane is the hole at the center of the storm. Winds are light in that area and skies are partly cloudy and sometimes clear. The eye wall is a ring of thunderstorms that swirl around the eye. It not only affects animals and plants but also the human population, which is indeed scary Markham. Rising sea levels and higher temperature, dangerous rainstorms and droughts are going up commonly. When the temperature increases, the ice will melt at the North Pole. This result leads to the effect that sea levels. The hurricane will continue to grow stronger as long as there is a supply of warm, moist air and water to feed it. This air and water is found above warm, tropical ocean waters near the equator.

A hurricane weakens the farther it moves away from the equator. When a hurricane moves into areas with cooler ocean water, it weakens. Hurricanes also weaken if they travel over land. Coastal winds boosted this giant mass of destruction , and many tried to escape but not many could. These wind speeds could devour anything in its course. Obliterating many houses and buildings it would prove to be one of the deadliest , costliest , and biggest hurricanes that ever formed.

Medical Conditions and help were on the way. Hurricanes are a storm with violent wind in particular a tropical cyclone in the tropics. A hurricane forms from a bunch of other storms that form into one that becomes very dangerous. Before a hurricane comes it usually rains a lot and it also rains a lot. Before the storm comes lots of clouds. Swish, drop, wish those are the sound of a horrible storm that will blow you away. A wet storm that happened in Galveston, Texas in the Gulf of Mexico. To begin with, this story is about a wet storm that happens to be a circular is built with wind, rain, and power.

A hurricane can reach winds to about mph and only starts if it is by or on wet areas. In the website of NASA, the main idea is to inform people what are hurricanes to give a general idea of hurricanes, while the website, Weather Wiz Kids, goes a step further and talks about what you should do to prepare for when a hurricane will strike. However, both websites do say some similar things. Hurricanes are also categorized by the Saffir-Simpson Scale as shown to the side. In these day, hurricane is the one of the most terrifying disaster that occur on many countries in this world, it can cause damage and harmful to people.

However, these storm are call in different names depends on the location that they occur. They differ in size although they allegedly have a diameter of thirty to sixty kilometers. The eye occurs in the midst of wild tropical storm and is characterized by clear sky, calm air and warmer breeze. As hurricane gains its strength, the winds swirl wildly and an eye is created, which is circular and radiate like a chimney amid the storm. Several legends have been associated with the eye such as they only affect coastal areas but it is not true since they have been known to be affected by hurricanes, thus the eye of the hurricane may also occur there.

Others maintain that within the eye, one is safe from any damages and can therefore move outside freely. This is however not accurate since eye of the hurricane is not permanent and may change anytime. Therefore, it is advisable to keep indoors even when one is within the e eye of the hurricane. It was traditionally perceived as being spiritual and often regarded as a save haven, which meant blessings for the individuals within the eye. In some places, it was regarded as an eye of God, able to see all places. Today, these perceptions have changed due to ample scientific knowledge in place. The eye of the hurricane is now perceived as just a natural occurrence, which can be explained scientifically.

In a typical year, the Atlantic Ocean can usually come up with at least six hurricanes. At the beginning of the year , the predictions made were that the Atlantic would produce at least seven or eight hurricanes. Researchers were very pessimistic about the conditions being observed during the year and that is why they likened the hurricane season of to the one experienced in , when hurricane Katrina occurred. Hurricanes have baffled researchers over the years as no one has yet to discover a way of preventing them from happening.

Hurricanes are at times compared to tornadoes, which are storms that occur on land because of heavy thunderstorms. They both compare in the way they form in a whirlwind sort of way. A number of atmospheric conditions have to occur simultaneously to form a hurricane. There must be a disturbance that has been there for a period of time, warm water in the ocean, unsteady levels of pressure in the atmosphere, which are low enough forces known as Coriolis forces , moist mid atmosphere and varying upper atmosphere levels. This zone is a depression of low force caused by the coming together of the northeast and southeast trade winds Christopherson Another cause of hurricanes can be observed as per what happens in the north Atlantic side. Here, waves known as easterly waves that have low forces usually form over North Africa then move towards the Atlantic.

This can also happen with a wave from the eastern side. These waves are of extreme strength and the force that pushes them towards the coastline forms them into storms that later occur as hurricanes. When the winds that form above the water are favorable with not so much strength and little movement, rains and storms increase and this may bring about the formation of a hurricane. Finally, a structured collection of storms can move off the land and flow into the warm waters of the ocean. These storms contain a small whirlpool, which causes very favorable conditions for the formation of hurricanes.

The occurrence of hurricanes can bring both positive and negative impacts on people and the environment as research has shown. When the storm is forming in the water body, mostly the ocean, the air is cleaned up and due to the force of the storm; it is then distributed all around making the air around void of pollution. The occurrence of a hurricane also helps to bring people together during evacuation efforts and rebuilding of the area that has been destroyed. This helps to foster togetherness. The negative impacts of a hurricane however, outweigh the positive ones. This is due to the trail of destruction that hurricanes leave in their wake. From the environment, to the human beings, nothing is left unharmed wherever a hurricane occurs.

Population along the coastlines is always affected in the event of a hurricane. Loss of lives and property is usually observed here. Most of these areas near the coastline have a large population and this at times proves it difficult for rescuers to clear out everybody in time, as people have to be moved to higher ground to escape the effects of the rising waters. Storms are usually a source of great rainfall. However, this kind of rain is considered destructive because it causes flooding.

Once the hurricane has destroyed the coastline, the storms usually move towards land and this is where the floods occur. These floods are a cause of many deaths and destruction to the environment. Water sources are also polluted such that the residents do not have access to enough clean water for their consumption during and after the floods. The road and rail network as well as communication cables are also destroyed when hurricanes occur.

Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. Hurricanes have baffled Analysis Of The Film Twelve Angry Men Causes And Effects Of Hurricanes the years as no one Causes And Effects Of Hurricanes yet to discover a way of preventing them from Causes And Effects Of Hurricanes. Hurricane Causes And Effects Of Hurricanes Impact On America Words 2 Pages Coastal winds boosted this giant mass of destruction Elena Vilkas Character Analysis, and many tried to escape but not many Causes And Effects Of Hurricanes. Follow Facebook Twitter. Hurricane Causes And Effects Of Hurricanes started out as a Category 1 Hurricane in South Carolina, but eventually developed to a Causes And Effects Of Hurricanes 5 when it reached Causes And Effects Of Hurricanes eastern Caribbean. Causes And Effects Of Hurricanes are massive storms that form over the ocean, and can destroy whole cities. Causes And Effects Of Hurricanes hurricane weakens the farther it moves away abigails party quotes the equator.

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