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Monday, December 06, 2021 5:36:20 AM

The Green Party Analysis

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Green Party reveals its campaign platform

Is the Green Party on the rise - and if so, why? A simple guide to the Green Party. Image source, PA Media. She said: "It is time for the Greens to shine. Related Topics. Green Party England and Wales. More on this story. Published 1 October. Published 9 May. Published 20 November But instead they are locked in a leadership election. After a relatively successful set of local elections, the party is therefore facing one of its biggest decisions as it moves to replace its longest-running co-leader, Jonathan Bartley, and his counterpart Sian Berry — arguably one of the best-known faces of the party, second only to its single MP Caroline Lucas. They can join and be part of a movement that can transform the political future of our nation.

This kind of fighting talk will be music to the ears of activists and party supporters who have, for years, wanted the Greens to grab more seats at the table. What about by ? European headlines are dominated by stories of flooding and wildfires and the world has been horrified into submission by the stark warnings from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC report. But this is hardly a new issue of concern and the Green Party has failed to galvanise enough people to win seats in parliament.

Is it sensible to be in the middle of a leadership changeover when the biggest climate report of recent years was released? Womack defended this, arguing that the party still put forward many senior voices — hers, as deputy leader, included — to speak up on this issue. With their joint history in climate work — Womack has been deputy leader of the party since and Omond was a founding member of Extinction Rebellion — they hope to be perceived as the climate authority.

And during the entire session of Parliament, I mean, Greens were not waiting and I was not waiting until an election to talk about how we could protect people during the pandemic, and how we could protect them afterward, how we could address the climate emergency and launch of green recovery, and how we could do that, and how we can, you know, how we could do that during that session of Parliament and how we could do it now. So, we've never waited for an election to share our plans. That being said, of course we're going to be releasing a full platform, it will be available in the next few days, but we have been talking about all of those things, Evan, for I mean, I've been on your show talking about those things.

Solomon: You're just saying, just to be clear, that the platform will be released before the leaders' debates? Solomon: The country will see you in the two leaders' debate debates later this week, what will be your key message to Canadians who haven't met you, you're the newest leader, but have maybe read a lot about the internal struggles, OK, we've spoken about it. What will be your key message in these debates? Paul: When you watch the debate, please take a look to see if the plans that are being offered on the climate or on social policies are really going to give us the change that we need or if we're going to just see more of the same.

And ask yourselves, we elect the same people and send them back to Ottawa, can we expect anything different? Especially when we recognize we need a profound change in the culture of politics, and so I hope they will come to the debate with an open mind. I hope that we will have a chance to share our ideas with them and I hope that at the end of it, they will vote for a group of people who are ready to get to work on their behalf. I do believe that will include Green MPs. Solomon: Alright, well we will see what happens at the big debate, and obviously for you, the first time on the national stage and in the debate. Annamie Paul, Green party leader, pleasure to have you on the program.

As always, thank you. Federal leaders campaign while Kovrig, Spavor mark 1, days imprisoned in China. Toronto hospital workers share fourth wave anxieties with Justin Trudeau. O'Toole breaks with election platform, pledges status quo on firearm bans. Video shows man egging Maxime Bernier at campaign stop in Saskatoon. Liberal candidate accused of inappropriate behaviour says he is ending his re-election campaign. Conservative candidate apologizes for sharing racist Facebook posts. Advocates disappointed by lack of racial diversity among major parties' candidates. Here are all the ways you can vote in this year's election. Everything you need to know about the federal election. Federal election platform guide: Where do the parties stand?

Stay on top of what's happening on the Hill with Rachel Aiello's updates on the minority Parliament when it's in session. Election Dispatch: Sign up for a daily update on the campaign Solomon: Yeah, let's acknowledge division in your party has made a lot of headlines. Paul: That's right.

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