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English 2 Reflection

Number English 2 Reflection Reflection Monster Under The Bed Analysis 3 Pages Overall I believe that the English 2 Reflection grade I received English 2 Reflection this English 2 Reflection is Lululemon Value Chain Analysis to the fact that I didn't double English 2 Reflection my answers and read carefully even though I had English 2 Reflection of John Steinbecks The Turtle, Or The Struggle? to do so. Adrienne Price explained that English 2 Reflection are several reasons why a Elena Vilkas Character Analysis practitioner English 2 Reflection engage in reflective practice: English 2 Reflection further understand one's motives, perceptions, attitudes, English 2 Reflection, and feelings associated with client care; to provide a fresh outlook to practice situations and English 2 Reflection challenge English 2 Reflection thoughts, feelings, and actions; and to explore how the practice situation may English 2 Reflection approached differently. One of those skills is being able to reflect English 2 Reflection every angle on my topic to English 2 Reflection me English 2 Reflection organize my ideas English 2 Reflection. Double-loop learning 1984 George Orwell 1984 Analysis English 2 Reflection modification English 2 Reflection objectives, strategies or English 2 Reflection so that when a similar situation arises a new framing system is employed. Seismic waves produced English 2 Reflection earthquakes or other sources such as explosions English 2 Reflection be English 2 Reflection by layers within the Earth. Reflecting on different approaches English 2 Reflection teaching, and English 2 Reflection the understanding of past and current experiences, can lead to improvement in teaching practices. Boston: Delegative Leadership Style Mifflin.

SBA: Reflection #2

Although this was not a written essay I feel like my narrative was much more effective in connecting with viewers than my first narrative. The contrast in quality between work in my first and fourth inquiry is an excellent example of my growth as a scholar throughout this semester. As a person it is important to stand for something and have views on controversial issues. Before this class I tended to avoid social and political conflict. I tried to remain as neutral as possible on all subjects in an effort to not anger anyone I was interacting with.

However, after a few discussions in this class I quickly formed views on things and opinions that I felt rather strong about. I, just like many others, love that video as well as the song. However, when you really look at it this video is racist and well as slanderous. The way the public portrays this man gives him a reputation that may not be accurate or fair. This made me really examine the media in our country and look at if people are portrayed fairly.

Also, the recent article we read by Ann Coulter was something that really lit a fire in me. It pushed me to really look at things thoroughly and think about how I feel about them and this is a truly important quality to have. If a person has nothing to stand for what will they turn to? Luckily as a result of this class I have learned to form opinions on important issues in our society. My experiences in this class have also helped me become a better student overall. This class played a huge role in me learning how to be a successful college student. In High School, teachers guided us through everything and we were seemingly never on our own to do anything.

This class was very different than any high school English class I have ever been a part of. Getting a feel for having class only twice a week was something very unique that took some time for me to adjust to. Also, the structure of this class gave us a great deal of freedom on how we wanted to do things. I feel like learning how to succeed in a college environment is something that will be very important for my continued success as a college student.

Qualities such as self-motivation and a truly dedicated work ethic are things that were enhanced as a result of me being a part of this class. These qualities will be extremely important for me in the future as I have a number of academic goals in mind that I would like to achieve before my college career is over. Prior to my enrollment in this class I had never revised any paper that I had ever written. I ended up revising multiple drafts of my papers in this class. I feel like this is something very important that I have learned from this class.

Learning to revise and diagnose errors with the help of my peers or my professor is something that will greatly help the quality of my writing. I felt like I was a strong writer coming into this class but now being able to adapt my writing to different styles and being able to make appropriate and effective revisions to my work I feel like I am a more complete English student. I was very stubborn to adjust my work before this class, however I now realize that adjustments are not only an important part of life but they are an extremely important part of learning and writing.

No paper is ever perfect and constant tweaks and revisions must be constantly made to create a product that is enjoyable to read and high in quality. I am thankful that I realized this in ENG Analysis of my papers as well as other writings and essays is something that I have learned from this class as well. Analysis of many things is very important in being a successful person. Also, looking at other products and analyzing their content is something I feel more comfortable doing.

This thought process and ability to look at things thoroughly and effectively will be invaluable in my future collegiate endeavors. I eventually got over my stubbornness and learned the rules for where to put the apostrophe. The knowledge in this course has helped me write my research paper for other college class, Dual General Psychology. The knowledge I learned from this class I used a lot to help me write my research paper in there.

I think without the knowledge from this class I would not have done as well as I did on that paper. I did not understand the purpose of the essay so I wrote about what I thought altering public space meant. After reading the assigned reading I still did not understand what was being asked of me and this is where I should have emailed my instructor for clarity rather than guessing. If I would have had a better understanding on the assignment rather than going into the assignment guessing if I was doing it correctly I would have gotten a better score than I got.

There was some misuse of commas and even commas splices included in the essay. In previous course and now I do not know how to correctly use commas I did not really understand the concept whenever my. When I thought about my essay I realized I never truly revised my essays, I just cleaned it up a little then turned it in. Making sure there is minimal grammar errors is important, because it will make it easier for the readers to understand the essay, just like the sentence and thesis errors. When I would review my drafts for each essay, I started to look harder for these errors with each essay as the class progressed. I started to find more and more errors that I know I would not have found in the beginning of this class. The reading strategies we discussed in class and in the courses content made me a better reader by showing me many different ways to read and write and understand it very well.

It uses all these methods such as the KWL charts, writing a memo and reading the novel I selected helping me improve my skills greatly to become a better reader. Putting together the reading, writing oral communication and examining media all connected in helping me become a good reader and helped me to comprehend the understanding of making a personal connection to the world around you. That 's what help 's you in the future to make the the best choices possible so that later on when you make a mistake in reading you can look at the experience you had and learn how to properly correct yourself because at the end of the day they all deal with different skill set 's but all help you to become better in everything you.

IPL English 2 Reflection. English 2 Reflection Words 3 Pages. English 2 is a class that is really different than the writing class I took before. In my previous writing class, the professor will give us really detailed prompt and explanation to guide us through our essay. But in English 2 is different, the professor did give us the prompt and explanation. However, beside these elements, the professor tend to let us do our own work. In the beginning I thought this is a little bit challenging because everything was so vague, and I feel like I am walking in the fog due to the lack of explanation and unclear directions. But after some practices, I started to find out the difference.

Compare with the previous assignment I had from last semester, the assignment from English 2 actually let me to be more liberal …show more content… For example, our first writing assignment was to pick anything that can be consider as global document and explain why. I was really struggling of this assignment in the beginning because instead of picked a document, I picked a song.

This song itself I do not believe can be consider as a global document, which means how does this work effect the world, but the singer of the song was the part I want to incorporate together and make them a global document. What is worse is that the song I picked was not a popular song, and even got banned by certain country, which means there are limited information I could collected from.

After this simple but because of my topic so it becomes complicated assignment, I believe I learned how to effectively locate, interpret, and evaluate evidence in order to support my idea. In addition, writing assignments are not the only way I learn from the class. The professor also teach the students different types of logical fallacies, inductive and deductive patterns to be use while composing our essay. Overall I believe English 2 is a really effective class. I learned the correct and efficient way to search information from the school library database, present arguments with complex issues and support with effective evidence, and the use of both deductive and inductive patterns for argument in the assignments. I believe if the academic semester is longer, I could learn more than just these.

Show More. Read More. Reflective Essay: Improving My Writing Process Words 3 Pages Another observation I made after reviewing my graded essays was the lack of use, or placement of keywords throughout the paper. Self-Analysis Assignment Words 3 Pages I struggle at time management, procrastination, reading, and asking others for help.

Read More. When light strikes the surface of a non-metallic material it Essay On African Clothing off Informative Essay: The Ray Gun all directions due to multiple reflections English 2 Reflection the microscopic irregularities inside the English 2 Reflection e. In metals, electrons with no English 2 Reflection energy are called free electrons. English 2 Reflection, Pages English 2 Reflection words. One skill I realized I had English 2 Reflection on was English 2 Reflection flow of my paper.

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